OpenFOAM® v3.0+: Updated documentation


Solver help

In previous versions, the foamHelp utility provided help about boundaries and function objects. In this release, it has been extended to include OpenFOAM solvers.

The utility operates in two modes:

  • With no additional arguments e.g.

    foamHelp solver
    the list of available solvers are output:

    Create time
    Create mesh for time = 0
    Found doxygen help in $WM_PROJECT_DIR/doc/Doxygen/html
    Valid types include:
  • If specific help is required, e.g.: for the potentialFoam solver, the Doxygen help can be invoked by issuing the command

    foamHelp solver -browse potentialFoam
    this will open the help for the potentialFoam solver in a browser window as shown below

potentialFoam help example

Updates to the Doxygen documentation

The Doxygen-generated source code documentation has received many updates, including improved function object and solver documentation.

From the Modules tab on the guide information can now be accessed for:

  • Boundary conditions
  • Function objects
  • Region boundary conditions
  • Turbulence
  • Solvers

The new Solvers section provides a top-level list of all available solvers:

Solver headline documentation

Following, e.g. the Incompressible flow solvers link leads to a summary of all incompressible solvers:

Incompressible documentation

Following, e.g. the icoFoam.C link leads to the documentation for the icoFoam solver.

potentialFoam documentation