OpenFOAM® Software Support

OpenCFD offers a 1 year package of support, CFD assistance and code customisation for its software, limited to a maximum number of hours per year. With this package, we provide advice and work on the following topics.

Support for basic operation of OpenFOAM

  • Installation and compilation of OpenFOAM.
  • Bug fixing: supply of software patches to remedy failures in functional tests of the software.
  • Software updates: supply of new releases of the software.
  • System support: e.g. advice on execution of applications, creation of batch queuing scripts.

Assistance with CFD simulations

  • Initialisation of a simulation: selecting models, setting properties and fields, start time, etc.
  • Configuration of a simulation: selecting numerical schemes, solvers and their parameters, algorithm controls, batch post-processing.
  • Selection of tools: choosing an application or model for the customer’s needs.
  • Assessment of functionality: advising on performance and suitability of existing models and applications.

Code customisation and development

  • Research: reviewing technical literature, creation of new model and methods.
  • Code development: implementation of new functionality through modifications to the OpenFOAM source code.
  • Code enhancement: modifying customer’s own code to improve functional and structural quality.
  • Explanation of implementations of models and methods in OpenFOAM.

Support Enquiry

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