Training Locations

For Virtual Training, please see here.

OpenFOAM courses are regularly scheduled at the following locations:


OpenFOAM Workshop 2023

University of Genoa

Toulouse, France

ESI Group - Toulouse

Paris, France

ESI Group

Milan, Italy

Digi Academy (Alberto Pirelli)

Madrid, Spain

ESI Group Hispania, S.L

London, UK

Imparando Ltd. (MicroTek - London)

Copenhagen, Denmark

MicroWorld - Copenhagen

Bologna, Italy

ESI Italia

Berlin, Germany

Fast Lane Institute for Knowledge Transfer GmbH

Munich, Germany

ESI Engineering Systems International GmbH

Stockholm, Sweden

Frankfurt, Germany

Vienna, Austria

ETC - Enterprise Training Center

Barcelona, Spain

Cepi Base Academia de Estudios

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Global Knowledge

The Americas

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

MicroTek - Toronto

Washington, DC, USA

San Jose, CA, USA

San Francisco, CA, USA

MicroTek Computer Labs

San Diego, CA, USA

Orlando, FL, USA

MicroTek Orlando Training & Meeting Rooms

Montreal, QC, Canada

CTC (Versalys)

Miami, FL, USA

Productivity Point Global

Houston, TX, USA

Texas Training and Conference

Farmington Hills, Michigan, USA

Denver, CO, USA

Boston, MA, USA

MicroTek Computer Labs

Atlanta, GA, USA

MicroTek Computer Labs

Seattle, WA, USA

Computer Classrooms

Chicago, IL, USA

MicroTek Computer Labs

Asia Pacific

Melbourne, Australia  -   India  -   Singapore


Courses are also delivered in other locations from time to time.