On-site trainings

OpenCFD delivers OpenFOAM training courses on-site to organisations worldwide, in addition to its scheduled courses. On-site courses are delivered typically to:

  • a company that wishes to train a reasonable number (typically 4 or more) of their staff in house;
  • an organisation, e.g. engineering institute or computing centre, that hosts a course open to paying participants from industry and academia at large, usually as part of a remit to deliver educational/training services.

Course Content

OpenCFD can firstly deliver one or both of the standard Foundation and Advanced courses on-site. Those organisations hosting an open course usually choose this option.

In addition, OpenCFD can create customised courses from a pool of written training material. That material includes topics found in the Foundation and Advanced courses, plus other advanced topics such as interface tracking (theory and programming, breakup and spray) and particle tracking (modelling and application). Additionally, we can write new training material on demand.

Course Materials

For both standard and customised courses, we produce high-quality course manuals covering everything in the course. The manuals are bound A5 size, with title and contents pages, typically 40 pages per day of training.

We can provide USB memory sticks containing a live OpenFOAM/Linux installation which participants can boot on laptops/desktops and use to follow the live demonstrations and examples.


Unlike the scheduled courses, we generally cost on-site courses at a flat-rate rather than ”per person”. The costs include:

  • training fee, charged at a daily rate;
  • travel/accommodation expenses;
  • course materials (manuals and bootable USB sticks);
  • cost of writing new training materials, if applicable.

On-site Enquiry

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