OpenFOAM® Code Development

OpenCFD undertake development projects for OpenFOAM® for large engineering corporations, consultants and academic institutions:

  • Development projects can range from adding a single small new feature, to writing entire applications or libraries, or migrating the contents of an outdated in-house software package to the OpenFOAM environment.
  • The access to source code means anything can be customised to suit the clients needs including solvers, utilities and pre- and post-processing.
  • The OpenFOAM Release History shows the scale of developments we have undertaken for clients over past years.
  • With our wide expertise and the flexibility of OpenFOAM, we can extend the limits of current technology to simulate problems that are, as yet, unsolved.
  • As developers and maintainers of the official OpenFOAM software, we have a unique insight into OpenFOAM and can update developments through the continual release-cycle of OpenFOAM.
  • By paying for open source developments instead of annual software licence fees, customers quickly receive features they need in their CFD product and only pay once for the privilege.

Development Enquiry

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