About trainings

OpenCFD, as the Official release authority of OpenFOAM, delivers monthly OpenFOAM® Foundation and Advanced training courses. Each course lasts 2 days and is delivered by OpenCFD staff who have many years of experience using the code at the sharp end, and in teaching its fundamentals and applications. These courses are available at advertised delivery locations worldwide and via our remote Virtual Training portal.

We also offer 1 day virtual courses for those with a specific application focus. These include trainings in Aeroacoustics, Overset, Fire Modelling and External Aerodynamics; other application-specific courses available on request. Trainees on these courses are offered a limited number of free-hours access to ESI’s Cloud-based HPC computing platform.

There are scheduled courses at a range of locations worldwide and will also provide on-site courses on request. OpenCFD’s experience in OpenFOAM Training is unrivalled, having delivered hundreds of courses to thousands of users since 2008.

Gain confidence in using OpenFOAM

Foundation Course

  • Become familiar with the OpenFOAM environment
  • Understand the log files, solvers settings, boundary conditions
  • Learn to create quality mesh with snappyHexMesh
  • Explore functionObjects, add source terms, post-process effectively
  • Learn more …

Advanced Course

  • Explore dynamic mesh, multiphase and heat transfer capabilities
  • Learn how to extend OpenFOAM models, boudary conditions, sources …
  • Understand OpenFOAM source code
  • Learn more …

Apply OpenFOAM

Adjoint Optimisation Course

  • Learn how to use OpenFOAM’s adjoint optimisation tools
  • Sensitivity maps and shape optimisation
  • Best practices to setup the case and post-processing
  • Learn more …

External Aerodynamics Course

  • Learn how to use OpenFOAM for external aerodynamics
  • Turbulence modelling from RANS to DDES
  • Best practices to setup the case and post-processing
  • Learn more …

Aeroacoustics Course

  • Learn how to use OpenFOAM for Aeroacoustics / Hydroacoustics
  • Steady-state approximate noise source ratings and transient noise source simulation
  • Fourier analysis, best practices for aeroacoustics, coupling with vibroacoustics and far-field noise
  • Learn more …

Overset Meshing and Applications Course

  • Learn how to use overset meshing in OpenFOAM
  • Best practise meshing, set-up and control settings, tutorials
  • Industrial examples in external aerodynamics, high speed passing trains, ship manoeuvring, fans
  • Learn more …

On-site Courses

OpenCFD also provide the courses on site for companies and organisations requiring training for larger groups of people. For more information, please visit the on-site training page.

Schedule, Pricing, Booking and Course Details

  • For course dates, booking a course, and pricing, please see the current schedule.
  • Courses are priced in currencies relating to the locality of the training and all prices are NET and exclusive any local taxes, e.g. VAT.
  • In order to reserve a place on a course, please pre-register via the schedule page. Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment. Places are only confirmed upon receipt of payment prior to the course.
  • All courses are delivered in English. Translations to and/or delivery in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and Korean languages are available on request.
  • For further information, please see the Terms and Conditions.

Course Delivery

All courses are delivered by development/support staff of OpenCFD Limited, producers of OpenFOAM. Participants can be assured that:

  • they are being taught by people who really know OpenFOAM and who regularly teach OpenFOAM on-site to customers and within our busy schedule of hosted courses;
  • they receive correct information about the applications and libraries within OpenFOAM, correct explanation of the coding frameworks and algorithms in OpenFOAM, etc.;
  • courses are updated as developments are made, so always contain the latest information;
  • user comments and feedback inform future developments of OpenFOAM;
  • profits from course fees are invested in the development of OpenFOAM.

Further Enquiries

For further enquiries, please contact us via our training enquiries page.