OpenFOAM® Engineering Services

OpenCFD and ESI’s worldwide OpenFOAM team provide consulting services for OpenFOAM. Services include stand-alone case studies, process integration and automation, application/delivery of our best practices, on-site training/hand holding and on-site expert-engineer placements.

Our engineering Services teams are based throughout Far East Asia, India, Europe and North America.

We specialise in:

  • End-to-end process-driven work flows, CAD → meshing → solution → analysis → optimisation
  • Aerodynamics and hydrodynamics including of vehicles, buildings, environmental, urban climate, seascapes
  • Internal flows in ducts, heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC), environmental control systems (ECS), cool rooms, internal building climate heating solar-load and ventilation, fire and safety, hydraulics, underhood thermal analysis, defrost, comfort
  • Standard physics applications including RANS, DES and LES turbulence, combustion, incompressible and compressible, low and high-speed, aero-acoustics, multiphase mass momentum and heat transfer, Lagrangian and Eulerian, volume of fluid (VoF), melting and solidification, chemical reactions, sedimentation
  • Multi-physics and multi-discipline code interaction including aero- vibroacoustics, fluid-structure interaction, 1D-3D systems coupling
  • Cloud computing; power-on-demand and vertical applications

ESI holds ISO 9001 certification across Europe, Asia and the United States

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