OpenFOAM® Documentation

User Guide

Gain understanding of how OpenFOAM cases are assembled and evaluated in the OpenFOAM user guide:

Tutorial Guide

A collection of tutorials to help users get started with OpenFOAM covering a range of topics, including incompressible, compressible and multiphase flows, and stress analysis

Extended Code Guide

Browse the extended code guide to see how OpenFOAM operates under-the-hood. As an open source code, users can directly see how the code is written and learn how the functionality is implemented. The extended documentation provides descriptions for many aspects of the code, including:

Looking to go straight to the code? Take a look at the OpenFOAM API and the convenient entry points provided by the modules system.

Programmer’s Guide

Tutorial Wiki

A community-driven collection of tutorials hosted at

System Requirements

Detailed information about the system requirements for Linux systems. More...