OpenFOAM® Governance Structure


OpenFOAM Governance members comprise a collective of experienced professionals who represent their companies in the use of OpenFOAM for design and production engineering; experts who engage with, and for the benefit of, all OpenFOAM users and contributors.

At the Governance inauguration meeting on 23rd October 2018 at the 6th OpenFOAM Conference in Hamburg, members ratified the creation of a Steering Committee and several Technical Committees with core objectives:

  • assuring an inclusive and sustainable future for OpenFOAM
  • securing financial support for maintenance
  • giving the wider Community, especially those with a vested interest, a direct voice in OpenFOAM’s governance and future steering
  • providing the Community with a clear route to contribute to OpenFOAM
  • engaging with recognised experts across all disciplines

The structure has won the backing of Industry, academia, software development and consulting organisations, with a commitment to support its administration.