OpenCFD Release OpenFOAM®  v1912


OpenCFD is pleased to announce the December 2019 release of OpenFOAM® v1912. This release extends OpenFOAM-v1906 features across many areas of the code. The new functionality represents development sponsored by OpenCFD’s customers, internally funded developments, and integration of features and changes from the OpenFOAM community.

OpenFOAM is distributed by OpenCFD under the GPL license as:

Please refer to the download instructions to obtain the code.

The development repositories are publicly available. These main repository is regularly updated with bug fixes and new functionality and has undergone recent maintenance that has resulted in a significant reduction in size from more than 800MB to around 200MB for the master branch.


  • Help for users is provided in the user upgrade guide
  • Help for developers is provided in the developer upgrade guide
  • We have also initiated documentation on coding patterns to improve the understanding of some typical idioms, where the reasoning may not be immediately obvious or where there are advantages to using a particular approach. We are happy to incorporate content!


  • New expressions syntax more...
  • New inline expressions in dictionaries more...
  • New expressions-based setFields more...
  • New set fields utility for PDRFoam more...
  • Wall distance output from checkMesh more...
  • snappyHexMesh: automatic gap closure more...


Solvers and physical models

Boundary conditions


  • Improved particle post-processing more...
  • New bi-directional streamlines more...
  • New distance to surface function object more...


  • More robust dynamic code more...
  • Updated ADIOS function object more...


  • New binary file compatibility more...

About us

OpenFOAM is produced by the core ESI-OpenCFD team

  • Andrew Heather
  • Mattijs Janssens
  • Sergio Ferraris
  • Mark Olesen
  • Prashant Sonakar
  • Pawan Ghildiyal
  • Kutalmis Bercin
  • Roger Almenar
  • Matej Forman
  • Sebastien Vilfayeau
  • Siby Mandapathil Baby
  • Mayur Wala
  • Son Vo
  • Karen Kettle
  • Ann Ronchetti
  • Fred Mendonca
  • Swapnil Salokhe
  • Jean-Michel Esclafer de la Rode

With wider support from the global ESI team

  • ESI Group (GmbH)
  • ESI Group (ESI Software (India) Private Limited)
  • ESI Group (North America)
  • ESI Group (Nihon ESI)

And contributions from

  • PCOpt/NTUA and FOSS GP
  • The Environmental Hydraulics Institute IHCantabria
  • Dr. Mirza Popovac (Austrian Institute of Technology)
  • Dr. Matthias Rauter
  • Dr. Zeljko Tukovic, FMENA, Zagreb
  • Norbert Weber

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