OpenCFD Release OpenFOAM®  v1606+


OpenCFD is pleased to announce the June 2016 release of OpenFOAM® v1606+.

The numbering of OpenFOAM+ releases has been updated to align with the conventions set by the ISO-8601 standard, ordered by the year and month of release. OpenFOAM-v1606+indicates 2016-June.

This release extends OpenFOAM-v3.0+ features across many areas of the code.

The purpose of OpenFOAM+ is to accelerate the public availability of new features which are sponsored by OpenCFD’s customers and contributed by the OpenFOAM community

OpenFOAM+ is distributed by OpenCFD under the GPL license as:

Please refer to the download instructions to obtain the code.

The development repositories are also publicly available. These repositories are regularly updated with bug fixes and new functionality.


  • New snappyHexMesh (un)refinement functionality more...
  • Improved behaviour of locations in mesh more...
  • Improved support for layer generation on complex face zones more...
  • Improved automatic gap refinement to pick up additional features more...

Boundary Conditions

  • New inflow turbulence generator for LES/DES turbulent flows more...
  • New flow direction changer more...
  • Updated radiation boundary behaviour more...

Solvers and Physical Models

  • New multiphase VOF condensation solver more...
  • New multiphase VOF solver with particles more...
  • New acoustic damping functionality more...


  • New noise analysis functionality more...
  • New reaction sensitivity analysis function object more...
  • New profiling functionality more...
  • New field mapping function object more...
  • New surface input and output more...



  • New global file handling more...
  • New dictionary change tracking more...


Notable bug-fixes

  • Coupled point synchronisation: corrected for points that are present on multiple coupled patches commit
  • Arbitrarily Coupled Mesh Interface (ACMI): improved mass conservation, supported by checkMesh merge #46
  • Apply boundary layer: corrected processor patch values issue #69

Includes all Foundation code changes to commit level 449a9ec 21-04-2016

About us

OpenFOAM+ is produced by the core ESI-OpenCFD team

  • Andrew Heather
  • Mattijs Janssens
  • Sergio Ferraris
  • Prashant Sonakar
  • Pawan Ghildiyal
  • Roger Almenar
  • Matej Forman
  • Mark Olesen
  • Sebastien Vilfayeau
  • Laura Robinson
  • Fred Mendonca

With wider support from the global ESI team

  • ESI Group (GmbH)
  • ESI Group (Pacific Mindware Engineering Pvt Ltd)
  • ESI Group (North America)
  • ESI Group (Nihon ESI)

And contributions from

  • Bernhardt Gschaider
  • Ruggero Polletto
  • Mr. Y. Inoue (RIST)

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