ESI OpenCFD Release OpenFOAM® v2312

ESI OpenCFD Release OpenFOAM® v2312


OpenCFD is pleased to announce the December 2023 release of OpenFOAM® v2312. This release extends OpenFOAM-v2306 features across many areas of the code. The new functionality represents development sponsored by OpenCFD's customers, internally funded developments, and integration of features and changes from the OpenFOAM community.

OpenFOAM is distributed by OpenCFD under the GPL License. In addition to source code packages suitable for compilation on a variety of Linux and other POSIX systems, this release also has a number of pre-compiled binary packages

Windows users have three options for pre-compiled packages (more information):

  • Using Windows Subsystem for Linux (based on Ubuntu, openSUSE etc.)
  • Native executables with cross-compilation
  • A docker installation

OpenFOAM apptainer support is provided via description files rather than pre-assembled images:

Mac OSX users have the option to compile from source, or use Docker containers for pre-compiled packages (more information).




  • snappyHexMesh: writing faces from the automatic leak path closure more...
  • snappyHexMesh: new multiple inside points more...
  • snappyHexMesh: parallel meshing load balancing more...
  • snappyHexMesh: layer-by-layer addition more...
  • Improved Nastran surface reader more...
  • Improved checkMesh utility more...
  • Improved subsetMesh utility more...



Solvers and physical models



  • New Abaqus sampled set more...
  • New Abaqus set writer more...
  • Improved patch seed set more...
  • New case information function object more...
  • New reduced-order modelling field reconstruction with DMD more...
  • Improved noise utility more...
  • Improved Ensight output more...
  • New Lagrangian function object: Weber Number more...
  • Improved handling of empty surfaces (surfaceFieldValue) more...


  • Coupled patch field value consistency more...
  • Non-blocking cyclic A(C)MI more...
  • GAMG : support for cyclicAMI in processor agglomeration more...
  • Improvements for redistributePar and file systems more...
  • Improved handling of included files with collated more...



About us


OpenFOAM is produced by the core ESI-OpenCFD team

  • Andrew Heather
  • Mattijs Janssens
  • Mark Olesen
  • Prashant Sonakar
  • Pawan Ghildiyal
  • Kutalmış Berçin
  • Matej Forman
  • Chiara Pesci
  • Martin Lichtmes
  • Jiri Polansky
  • Mohammad Ashfaqul Bari
  • Ann Ronchetti
  • Fred Mendonça
  • Swapnil Salokhe
  • Venkata Ramana Eaga

With wider support from the global ESI team

  • ESI Group (GmbH)
  • ESI Group (ESI Software (India) Private Limited)
  • ESI Group (North America)
  • ESI Group (Nihon ESI)
  • ESI webteam

And contributions from