OpenFOAM® v1606+: Updated documentation


Updated guides

OPENFOAM® guides have been significantly updated and refactored to provide a less confusing and more structured set of reference material. This version remains an evolving target, and will continue to be updated in future releases. The new structure comprises:

  • User Guide [pdf][web],
  • Programmer’s Guide [pdf], and
  • new Tutorial Guide [pdf][web].

All of the guides have received updates to reflect the latest version of OPENFOAM® . The following sections highlight some of the top-level changes.

User Guide
  • re-ordered
  • reference tables moved to a new reference section in the appendices
  • new section on boundary conditions
  • migrated programming information to the Programmer’s Guide
Programmer’s Guide
  • received building code documentation from the User Guide
  • moved generic section on tensor mathematics to the appendices
Tutorial Guide
  • comprises tutorials from the old User and Programmer’s Guides, updated for the latest version of OPENFOAM®

Updates to the Doxygen documentation

Navigating the OPENFOAM® source tree to discover information of available features and capabilities can be a daunting task. The Modules tab on the source guide page provides a convenient entry point to access a host of information. In this release, the set of available entries has been extended to include:

  • Lagrangian models
  • Mesh motion
  • Numerics
  • Thermophysical models
  • Utilities

The landing page


Lagrangian models


Mesh motion




Thermophysical models