OpenFOAM® v1812: Parallel developments


Improved parallel pre- and post-processing tools

A -dry-run option has been added to decomposePar that allows all the decomposition steps to be tested, but without committing the resulting decomposition to disk. This option is normally combined with the -cellDist option to write a volume field, which can be visualised in ParaView.

The -fields option used in reconstructPar and mapFieldsPar now handles regular expressions.

A -allRegions option has been added to redistributePar.

New geometric constraints for decomposePar

The new geometric decomposition constraints may be used to prevent the decomposition of regions of the mesh. This can be useful when a particular part of the simulation domain should remain on the same processor.

The constraint is used to define which faces shall remain connected on the same processor. The geometric elements are defined with a syntax familiar from snappyHexMesh.

    type    geometric;

            type    box;
            min     (-10 -10 -10);
            max     (1 1 1);

            type    sphere;
            origin  (-2 -2 1);
            radius  1;


Illustrates the cell distribution as influenced by various geometric constraint.

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