OpenFOAM® v1712: Improved usability


New OpenFOAM environment controls

OpenFOAM v1712 offers further flexibility when configuring the OpenFOAM environment. The following additional entries can be supplied to replace the environment variables, to be added to the dictionaryOptimisationSwitches dictionary located in the $WM_PROJECT_DIR/etc/controlDict file:

  • trapFpe: to replace $FOAM_SIGFPE
  • setNaN: to replace $FOAM_SETNAN
  • mpiBufferSize: to replace $MPI_BUFFER_SIZE

Note that the environment variables are still valid, and if set will be used to override the values set in rhe $WM_PROJECT_DIR/etc/controlDict file.

The profiling defaults now have cpu/sys information off by default, since these are invariant quantities for any particular simulation and of less interest.

tcsh shell completion

Following the addition of bash shell completion in the previous release, OpenFOAM v1712 adds tcsh command line completion for all OpenFOAM applications and utilities.