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 C fieldScheme
 CAABBTree< Type >Templated tree of axis-aligned bounding boxes (AABB)
 CabsoluteEnthalpy< Thermo >Thermodynamics mapping class to expose the absolute enthalpy functions
 CabsoluteInternalEnergy< Thermo >Thermodynamics mapping class to expose the absolute internal energy functions
 CabsorptionCoeffsAbsorption coefficients class used in greyMeanAbsorptionEmission and wideBandAbsorptionEmission
 CabsorptionEmissionModelModel to supply absorption and emission coefficients for radiation modelling
 CAC3DsurfaceFormatCoreInternal class used by the AC3DsurfaceFormat
 CaccessOp< T >
 CaddPatchCellLayerAdds layers of cells to outside of polyPatch. Can optionally create stand-alone extruded mesh (addToMesh=false)
 CtopoSetSource::addToUsageTableClass with constructor to add usage string to table
 CadiabaticPerfectFluid< Specie >Adiabatic perfect fluid equation of state
 CadjointBoundaryConditionBase class for solution control classes
 CadjointEikonalSolverSolver of the adjoint to the eikonal PDE
 CadjointMeshMovementSolverSolver of the adjoint to the Laplace grid displacement equation
 CAMIMethod< SourcePatch, TargetPatch >Base class for Arbitrary Mesh Interface (AMI) methods
 CandEqOp< T >
 CandEqOp2< T1, T2 >
 CandOp< T >
 CandOp2< T1, T2 >
 CappendEqOp< T >List helper to append y elements onto the end of x
 CareaFieldsFinite area area (element) fields
 CargListExtract command arguments and options from the supplied argc and argv parameters
 CArrheniusReactionRateArrhenius reaction rate given by:
 CatmBoundaryLayerThis class provides functions to evaluate the velocity and turbulence distributions appropriate for atmospheric boundary layers (ABL)
 CatomicWeightTable::atomicWeightStructure to hold the element name and atomic weight pair
 CAtomizationModel< CloudType >Templated atomization model class
 CAtomizationModel< Foam::SprayCloud< CloudType > >
 CAtomizationModel< Foam::SprayCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > >
 CautoPatchPatchify triangles based on a feature angle. Replacement of surfaceAutoPatch
 CautoPtr< T >Pointer management similar to std::unique_ptr, with some additional methods and type checking
 CautoPtr< aspectRatioModel >
 CautoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< dragModel > >
 CautoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< heatTransferModel > >
 CautoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< liftModel > >
 CautoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< phaseTransferModel > >
 CautoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< turbulentDispersionModel > >
 CautoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< virtualMassModel > >
 CautoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< wallLubricationModel > >
 CautoPtr< blendingMethod >
 CautoPtr< bool >
 CautoPtr< chemistryReader< ThermoType > >
 CautoPtr< dragModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::AMIInterpolation >
 CautoPtr< Foam::aspectRatioModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::ATCModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::AtomizationModel< Foam::SprayCloud< CloudType > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::AtomizationModel< Foam::SprayCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::AveragingMethod< Foam::Vector > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::AveragingMethod< scalar > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::backgroundMeshDecomposition >
 CautoPtr< Foam::BasicChemistryModel< ReactionThermo > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::basicSolidChemistryModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::BinaryCollisionModel< Foam::DSMCCloud< ParcelType > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::bitSet >
 CautoPtr< Foam::BlendedInterfacialModel< Foam::dragModel > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::BlendedInterfacialModel< Foam::heatTransferModel > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::BlendedInterfacialModel< Foam::liftModel > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::BlendedInterfacialModel< Foam::turbulentDispersionModel > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::BlendedInterfacialModel< Foam::virtualMassModel > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::BlendedInterfacialModel< Foam::wallLubricationModel > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::blendingMethod >
 CautoPtr< Foam::blockVertex >
 CautoPtr< Foam::boundaryAdjointContribution >
 CautoPtr< Foam::BreakupModel< Foam::SprayCloud< CloudType > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::BreakupModel< Foam::SprayCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::cellCellStencil >
 CautoPtr< Foam::cellSizeCalculationType >
 CautoPtr< Foam::chemistryReductionMethod< CompType, ThermoType > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::chemistryReductionMethod< ReactionThermo, ThermoType > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::chemistryTabulationMethod< CompType, ThermoType > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::chemistryTabulationMethod< ReactionThermo, ThermoType > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::Cloud< parcelType > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::CollidingCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::CollidingCloud< KinematicCloud< Cloud< basicKinematicCollidingParcel > > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::CollisionModel< Foam::CollidingCloud< CloudType > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::CollisionModel< Foam::CollidingCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::CollisionModel< Foam::CollidingCloud< KinematicCloud< Cloud< basicKinematicCollidingParcel > > > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::CombustionModel< ReactionThermo > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::CompositionModel< Foam::ReactingCloud< CloudType > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::CompositionModel< Foam::ReactingCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::coordinateRotation >
 CautoPtr< Foam::coordinateSystem >
 CautoPtr< Foam::CorrectionLimitingMethod >
 CautoPtr< Foam::cpuTimeCxx >
 CautoPtr< Foam::DampingModel< Foam::MPPICCloud< CloudType > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::DampingModel< Foam::MPPICCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::decompositionMethod >
 CautoPtr< Foam::DevolatilisationModel< Foam::ReactingMultiphaseCloud< CloudType > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::DevolatilisationModel< Foam::ReactingMultiphaseCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::diameterModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::diameterModels::daughterSizeDistributionModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::DimensionedField >
 CautoPtr< Foam::DispersionModel< Foam::KinematicCloud< Cloud< basicKinematicCollidingParcel > > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::DispersionModel< Foam::KinematicCloud< CloudType > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::displacementMethod >
 CautoPtr< Foam::displacementMotionSolver >
 CautoPtr< Foam::distributedTriSurfaceMesh >
 CautoPtr< Foam::distributionModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::dragModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::dragModels::Ergun >
 CautoPtr< Foam::dragModels::WenYu >
 CautoPtr< Foam::dynamicIndexedOctree< Foam::dynamicTreeDataPoint > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::edgeMesh >
 CautoPtr< Foam::ensightCase >
 CautoPtr< Foam::ensightMesh >
 CautoPtr< Foam::expressions::exprDriverWriter >
 CautoPtr< Foam::expressions::exprResultGlobals >
 CautoPtr< Foam::externalDisplacementMeshMover >
 CautoPtr< Foam::extrudePatchMesh >
 CautoPtr< Foam::faceAreaWeightModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::faceReflecting >
 CautoPtr< Foam::faceShading >
 CautoPtr< Foam::faMesh >
 CautoPtr< Foam::Field >
 CautoPtr< Foam::fileMonitor >
 CautoPtr< Foam::fileMonitorWatcher >
 CautoPtr< Foam::fileOperation >
 CautoPtr< Foam::FixedList< label, 8 > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::Function1< Foam::Vector > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::Function1< scalar > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::Function1< Type > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::functionObject >
 CautoPtr< Foam::functionObjects::fieldValue >
 CautoPtr< Foam::fv::option >
 CautoPtr< Foam::fv::optionList >
 CautoPtr< Foam::fvMesh >
 CautoPtr< Foam::fvMeshPrimitiveLduAddressing >
 CautoPtr< Foam::fvMeshSubset >
 CautoPtr< Foam::fvPatchField< Type > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::GAMGProcAgglomeration >
 CautoPtr< Foam::GeometricField >
 CautoPtr< Foam::GeometricField::Boundary >
 CautoPtr< Foam::globalIndex >
 CautoPtr< Foam::globalIndexAndTransform >
 CautoPtr< Foam::globalMeshData >
 CautoPtr< Foam::HashTable< Foam::List > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::heatTransferCoeffModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::heatTransferModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::HeatTransferModel< Foam::ThermoCloud< CloudType > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::HeatTransferModel< Foam::ThermoCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::HeterogeneousReactingModel< Foam::ReactingHeterogeneousCloud< CloudType > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::HeterogeneousReactingModel< Foam::ReactingHeterogeneousCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::incompressible::adjointEikonalSolver >
 CautoPtr< Foam::incompressible::adjointMeshMovementSolver >
 CautoPtr< Foam::incompressible::adjointSensitivity >
 CautoPtr< Foam::incompressible::optimisationType >
 CautoPtr< Foam::incompressible::RASModelVariables >
 CautoPtr< Foam::incompressibleAdjoint::adjointRASModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::IncompressibleTurbulenceModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::indexedOctree< Foam::treeDataCell > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::indexedOctree< Foam::treeDataEdge > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::indexedOctree< Foam::treeDataFace > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::indexedOctree< Foam::treeDataPoint > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::indexedOctree< Foam::treeDataPrimitivePatch > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::InflowBoundaryModel< Foam::DSMCCloud< ParcelType > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::initialPointsMethod >
 CautoPtr< Foam::integrationScheme >
 CautoPtr< Foam::interfaceCompositionModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::interpolation2DTable< scalar > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::interpolation< Foam::Vector > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::interpolation< scalar > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::interpolationLookUpTable< scalar > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::interpolationTable< scalar > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::interpolationWeights >
 CautoPtr< Foam::IOdictionary >
 CautoPtr< Foam::IOField >
 CautoPtr< Foam::IOList >
 CautoPtr< Foam::IOmapDistribute >
 CautoPtr< Foam::isoSurface >
 CautoPtr< Foam::isoSurfaceCell >
 CautoPtr< Foam::isoSurfaceTopo >
 CautoPtr< Foam::IsotropyModel< Foam::MPPICCloud< CloudType > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::IsotropyModel< Foam::MPPICCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::ISstream >
 CautoPtr< Foam::KinematicCloud< Cloud< basicKinematicCollidingParcel > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::KinematicCloud< CloudType > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::kineticTheoryModels::conductivityModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::kineticTheoryModels::frictionalStressModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::kineticTheoryModels::granularPressureModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::kineticTheoryModels::radialModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::kineticTheoryModels::viscosityModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::lduMatrix::solver >
 CautoPtr< Foam::LESdelta >
 CautoPtr< Foam::LESfilter >
 CautoPtr< Foam::liftModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::lineSearch >
 CautoPtr< Foam::liquidMixtureProperties >
 CautoPtr< Foam::liquidProperties >
 CautoPtr< Foam::List >
 CautoPtr< Foam::List< Foam::boundBox > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::List< Foam::DynamicList< parcelType * > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::List< Foam::List > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::List< Foam::Pair > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::LUscalarMatrix >
 CautoPtr< Foam::Map< label > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::mapDistribute >
 CautoPtr< Foam::MeshedSurface >
 CautoPtr< Foam::meshStructure >
 CautoPtr< Foam::meshToMesh >
 CautoPtr< Foam::mixedFvPatchField< Type > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::mixtureViscosityModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::motionDiffusivity >
 CautoPtr< Foam::motionInterpolation >
 CautoPtr< Foam::motionSolver >
 CautoPtr< Foam::MPPICCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::objectiveManager >
 CautoPtr< Foam::objectRegistry >
 CautoPtr< Foam::ODESolver >
 CautoPtr< Foam::OFstream >
 CautoPtr< Foam::optMeshMovement >
 CautoPtr< Foam::orderedPhasePair >
 CautoPtr< Foam::PackingModel< Foam::MPPICCloud< CloudType > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::PackingModel< Foam::MPPICCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::PairModel< Foam::DSMCCloud > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::pairPotential >
 CautoPtr< Foam::ParticleStressModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::patchDistMethod >
 CautoPtr< Foam::PatchFunction1< scalar > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::PatchFunction1< Type > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::PatchFunction1Types::MappedFile< Type > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::PatchInteractionModel< Foam::KinematicCloud< Cloud< basicKinematicCollidingParcel > > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::PatchInteractionModel< Foam::KinematicCloud< CloudType > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::PhaseChangeModel< Foam::ReactingCloud< CloudType > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::PhaseChangeModel< Foam::ReactingCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::PhaseCompressibleTurbulenceModel< Foam::phaseModel > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::phasePair >
 CautoPtr< Foam::pointPatchField< Type > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::pointToPointPlanarInterpolation >
 CautoPtr< Foam::polyMesh >
 CautoPtr< Foam::polyTopoChange >
 CautoPtr< Foam::porosityModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::PrimitivePatch >
 CautoPtr< Foam::PrimitivePatchInterpolation< Foam::PrimitivePatch > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::PtrList< Foam::indexedOctree< Foam::treeDataEdge > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::radiation::absorptionEmissionModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::radiation::radiationModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::radiation::scatterModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::radiation::solarLoad >
 CautoPtr< Foam::radiation::sootModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::radiation::wallAbsorptionEmissionModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::radiation::wallTransmissivityModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::Random >
 CautoPtr< Foam::RBD::rigidBody >
 CautoPtr< Foam::RBD::rigidBodySolver >
 CautoPtr< Foam::ReactingCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::ReactingHeterogeneousCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::ReactingMultiphaseCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::reactionRateFlameArea >
 CautoPtr< Foam::refinementHistory >
 CautoPtr< Foam::regionModels::surfaceFilmModels::filmRadiationModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::regionModels::surfaceFilmModels::filmThermoModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::regionModels::surfaceFilmModels::filmTurbulenceModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::regionModels::surfaceFilmModels::filmViscosityModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::regionModels::surfaceFilmModels::heatTransferModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::regionModels::surfaceFilmModels::phaseChangeModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::regionModels::thermalBaffleModels::thermalBaffleModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::regionSplit >
 CautoPtr< Foam::regIOobject >
 CautoPtr< Foam::relaxationModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::renumberMethod >
 CautoPtr< Foam::rhoThermo >
 CautoPtr< Foam::sampledSet >
 CautoPtr< Foam::sampledSurface >
 CautoPtr< Foam::saturationModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::searchableSurface >
 CautoPtr< Foam::searchableSurfaces >
 CautoPtr< Foam::SIMPLEControl >
 CautoPtr< Foam::singlePhaseTransportModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::sixDoFSolver >
 CautoPtr< Foam::SlicedGeometricField >
 CautoPtr< Foam::solarCalculator >
 CautoPtr< Foam::solidBodyMotionFunction >
 CautoPtr< Foam::solidMixtureProperties >
 CautoPtr< Foam::solidReactionThermo >
 CautoPtr< Foam::solidThermo >
 CautoPtr< Foam::SprayCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::SquareMatrix >
 CautoPtr< Foam::stepUpdate >
 CautoPtr< Foam::StochasticCollisionModel< Foam::KinematicCloud< Cloud< basicKinematicCollidingParcel > > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::StochasticCollisionModel< Foam::KinematicCloud< CloudType > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::subCycleTime >
 CautoPtr< Foam::surfaceCellSizeFunction >
 CautoPtr< Foam::SurfaceFilmModel< Foam::KinematicCloud< Cloud< basicKinematicCollidingParcel > > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::SurfaceFilmModel< Foam::KinematicCloud< CloudType > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::SurfaceReactionModel< Foam::ReactingMultiphaseCloud< CloudType > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::SurfaceReactionModel< Foam::ReactingMultiphaseCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::surfaceReader >
 CautoPtr< Foam::surfaceTensionModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::surfaceWriter >
 CautoPtr< Foam::swarmCorrection >
 CautoPtr< Foam::tableReader< scalar > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::tableReader< Type > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::ThermalDiffusivity >
 CautoPtr< Foam::ThermalDiffusivity< Foam::PhaseCompressibleTurbulenceModel< Foam::fluidThermo > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::ThermoCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::Time >
 CautoPtr< Foam::TimeFunction1< Foam::Vector > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::TimeScaleModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::TimeState >
 CautoPtr< Foam::treeBoundBox >
 CautoPtr< Foam::trimModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::triSurface >
 CautoPtr< Foam::triSurfaceSearch >
 CautoPtr< Foam::turbulentDispersionModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::UniformDimensionedField >
 CautoPtr< Foam::updateMethod >
 CautoPtr< Foam::variablesSet >
 CautoPtr< Foam::virtualMassModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::viscosityModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::vtk::formatter >
 CautoPtr< Foam::vtk::surfaceWriter >
 CautoPtr< Foam::wallBoilingModels::CHFModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::wallBoilingModels::CHFSubCoolModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::wallBoilingModels::departureDiameterModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::wallBoilingModels::departureFrequencyModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::wallBoilingModels::filmBoilingModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::wallBoilingModels::LeidenfrostModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::wallBoilingModels::MHFModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::wallBoilingModels::nucleationSiteModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::wallBoilingModels::partitioningModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::wallBoilingModels::TDNBModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::wallDampingModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::WallInteractionModel< Foam::DSMCCloud< ParcelType > > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::wallLubricationModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::WallModel< Foam::DSMCCloud > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::windowModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::writer< Foam::SphericalTensor > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::writer< Foam::SymmTensor > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::writer< Foam::Tensor > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::writer< Foam::Vector > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::writer< scalar > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::writer< Type > >
 CautoPtr< Foam::XiEqModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::XiGModel >
 CautoPtr< Foam::zeroATCcells >
 CautoPtr< heatTransferModel >
 CautoPtr< interfaceCompositionModel >
 CautoPtr< liftModel >
 CautoPtr< modelType >
 CautoPtr< ModelType >
 CautoPtr< phaseModel >
 CautoPtr< phasePair >
 CautoPtr< phaseThermo >
 CautoPtr< phaseTransferModel >
 CautoPtr< porousModel >
 CautoPtr< ReactionType >
 CautoPtr< reflectionModel >
 CautoPtr< scalar >
 CautoPtr< solidType >
 CautoPtr< std::thread >
 CautoPtr< surfaceTensionModel >
 CautoPtr< ThermophysicalProperties >
 CautoPtr< ThermoType >
 CautoPtr< tmp< volScalarField > >
 CautoPtr< turbulentDispersionModel >
 CautoPtr< virtualMassModel >
 CautoPtr< wallLubricationModel >
 CAveragingMethod< Type >Base class for lagrangian averaging methods
 CAveragingMethod< Foam::Vector >
 CAveragingMethod< scalar >
 CbackgroundMeshDecompositionStore a background polyMesh to use for the decomposition of space and queries for parallel conformalVoronoiMesh
 CbarotropicCompressibilityModelAbstract class for barotropic compressibility models
 CbaseBase functionality common to reader and writer classes
 Cbase64LayerAn output filter layer to write base-64 encoded content
 CbasicHeterogeneousReactingCloudCloud class to introduce heterogeneou reacting parcels
 CbasicHeterogeneousReactingParcelDefinition of reacting heterogeneous parcel
 CbasicKinematicCloudCloud class to introduce kinematic parcels
 CbasicKinematicCollidingCloudCloud class to introduce kinematic colliding parcels
 CbasicKinematicCollidingParcelDefinition of basic kinematic colliding parcel
 CbasicKinematicMPPICCloudCloud class to introduce kinematic MPPIC parcels
 CbasicKinematicMPPICParcelDefinition of basic kinematic MPPIC parcel
 CbasicKinematicParcelDefinition of basic kinematic parcel
 CbasicReactingCloudCloud class to introduce reacting parcels
 CbasicReactingMultiphaseCloudCloud class to introduce multi-phase reacting parcels
 CbasicReactingMultiphaseParcelDefinition of basic reacting parcel
 CbasicReactingParcelDefinition of basic reacting parcel
 CbasicSprayCloudCloud class to introduce reacting spray parcels
 CbasicSprayParcelDefinition of spray parcel
 CbasicThermoCloudCloud class to introduce thermodynamic parcels
 CbasicThermoParcelDefinition of basic thermo parcel
 CBezierCalculation of adjoint based sensitivities for Bezier control points
 CBiIndirectList< T >Indexes into negList (negative index) or posList (zero or positive index)
 CbiLinearFitPolynomialBiLinear polynomial for interpolation fitting
 CbinaryBreakupModelBase class for binary breakup models which give the breakup rate between a sizeGroup pair directly, without an explicit expression for the daughter size distribution
 CBinaryCollisionModel< CloudType >Templated DSMC particle collision class
 CBinaryCollisionModel< Foam::DSMCCloud< ParcelType > >
 CbinaryNode< CompType, ThermoType >Node of the binary tree
 CbinaryTree< CompType, ThermoType >Data storage of the chemistryOnLineLibrary according to a binary tree structure
 CbitAndEqOp< T >
 CbitAndEqOp2< T1, T2 >
 CbitAndOp< T >
 CbitAndOp2< T1, T2 >
 CbitAndOp3< T, T1, T2 >
 CbitInfo< UIntType >An (unsigned) integral type adapter, for output of bit values
 CbitOrEqOp< T >
 CbitOrEqOp2< T1, T2 >
 CbitOrOp< T >
 CbitOrOp2< T1, T2 >
 CbitOrOp3< T, T1, T2 >
 CbitXorEqOp< T >
 CbitXorEqOp2< T1, T2 >
 CbitXorOp< T >
 CbitXorOp2< T1, T2 >
 CbitXorOp3< T, T1, T2 >
 CblackBodyEmissionClass black body emission
 CbladeModelBlade model class calculates: Linear interpolated blade twist and chord based on radial position Interpolation factor (for interpolating profile performance)
 CMatrixSpace< Form, Cmpt, Mrows, Ncols >::Block< SubTensor, BRowStart, BColStart >Sub-block type
 CblockEdgeDefine a curved edge that is parameterized for 0<lambda<1 between the start and end point
 CblockFaceDefine a curved face
 CblockVertexDefine a block vertex
 CboolAndOp< T >Logical 'and', possibly with scalars as (false, true) values
 CboolNotOp< T >Inverse of boolOp()
 CboolNotOp< bool >Inverse of boolOp, no conversion required for bool
 CboolOp< T >Convert [0-1] values (usually scalars) as false/true
 CboolOp< bool >Convert to bool, pass-through for bool
 CboolOrOp< T >Logical 'or', possibly with scalars as (false, true) values
 CboolXorOp< T >Logical 'xor', possibly with scalars as (false, true) values
 CboundaryAdjointContributionAbstract base class for computing contributions of the objective functions to the adjoint boundary conditions
 CboundaryCutterDoes modifications to boundary faces
 CboundaryInfoClass to interrogate the polyMesh/boundary file to provide mesh patching information, without the need to read the mesh
 CboundaryMeshAddressing for all faces on surface of mesh. Can either be read from polyMesh or from triSurface. Used for repatching existing meshes
 CboundaryTemplatesClass to store boundary template specifications
 CboundBoxA bounding box defined in terms of min/max extrema points
 CboundedBackwardFaDdtSchemeSecond-order backward-differencing implicit ddt using the current and two previous time-step values
 CBoussinesq< Specie >Incompressible gas equation of state using the Boussinesq approximation for the density as a function of temperature only:
 CBreakupModel< CloudType >Templated break-up model class
 CbreakupModelBase class for breakup models which give a total breakup rate and a separate daughter size distribution function
 CBreakupModel< Foam::SprayCloud< CloudType > >
 CBreakupModel< Foam::SprayCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > >
 CbufferedAccumulator< Type >
 CCaching< DataType >Bookkeeping for internal caching
 CCaching< vtkPolyData >
 CCaching< vtkUnstructuredGrid >
 CcaseInfoClass to hold information related to the simaulation case
 CceilOp< T >
 CceilOp< Scalar >Round scalar upwards - functor version of std::ceil
 CcellCellStencilCalculation of interpolation stencils
 CcellDistFuncsCollection of functions used in wall distance calculation
 CcellFeaturesCell analysis class
 CcellInfoHolds information regarding type of cell. Used in inside/outside determination in cellClassification
 CcellMatcherBase class for cellshape matchers (hexMatch, prismMatch, etc.). These are classes which given a mesh and cell number find out the orientation of the cellShape and construct cell-vertex to mesh-vertex mapping and cell-face to mesh-face mapping
 CcellModelMaps a geometry to a set of cell primitives
 CcellQualityClass calculates cell quality measures
 CcellSizeCalculationTypeAbstract base class for specifying target cell sizes
 CcellSplitterDoes pyramidal decomposition of selected cells. So all faces will become base of pyramid with as top a user-supplied point (usually the cell centre)
 CCentredFitSnGradSchemeCentred fit snGrad scheme which applies an explicit correction to snGrad
 CchannelIndexDoes averaging of fields over layers of cells. Assumes layered mesh
 CChemicallyActivatedReactionRate< ReactionRate, ChemicallyActivationFunction >General class for handling chemically-activated bimolecular reactions
 CchemistryReader< ThermoType >Abstract class for reading chemistry
 CchemistryReader< gasHThermoPhysics >
 CchemistryReductionMethod< CompType, ThermoType >An abstract class for methods of chemical mechanism reduction
 CchemistryReductionMethod< ReactionThermo, ThermoType >
 CchemistryTabulationMethod< CompType, ThermoType >An abstract class for chemistry tabulation
 CchemistryTabulationMethod< ReactionThermo, ThermoType >
 CchemPointISAT< CompType, ThermoType >Leaf of the binary tree. The chemPoint stores the composition 'phi', the mapping of this composition Rphi, the mapping gradient matrix A and the matrix describing the Ellipsoid Of Accuracy (EOA)
 CCHFModelBase class for nucleation site density models
 CCHFSubCoolModelBase class for nucleation site density models
 CCirculatorBaseBase class for circulators
 CclipEqOp< T >Clip value and assign inplace
 CclipOp< T >Return the value after clipping by the min/max limiter
 CclockRead access to the system clock with formatting
 CclockTimeStarts timing (using rtc) and returns elapsed time from start. Better resolution (2uSec instead of ~20mSec) than cpuTime
 CclockValueAccess to high-resolution clock value with some basic operations
 CCloud< ParticleType >Base cloud calls templated on particle type
 CCloud< basicKinematicCollidingParcel >
 CCloud< Foam::DTRMParticle >
 CCloud< Foam::molecule >
 CCloud< Foam::passiveParticle >
 CCloud< indexedParticle >
 CCloud< injectedParticle >
 CCloud< molecule >
 CCloud< ParcelType >
 CCloud< parcelType >
 CCloud< passiveParticle >
 CCloud< passivePositionParticle >
 CCloud< solidParticle >
 CCloud< streamLineParticle >
 CCloud< typename CloudType::parcelType >
 CCloud< wallBoundedStreamLineParticle >
 CcloudSolutionStores all relevant solution info for cloud
 CcmptDivideOp< T >
 CcmptDivideOp2< T1, T2 >
 CcmptDivideOp3< T, T1, T2 >
 CcmptMultiplyOp< T >
 CcmptMultiplyOp2< T1, T2 >
 CcmptMultiplyOp3< T, T1, T2 >
 CcmptPowOp< T >
 CcmptPowOp2< T1, T2 >
 CcmptPowOp3< T, T1, T2 >
 CcoalCloudCloud class to introduce coal parcels
 CcoalescenceModelBase class for coalescence models
 CcoalParcelDefinition of coal parcel
 CcodedBaseBase class for function objects and boundary conditions using dynamic code that provides methods for managing loading/unloading/updating of a dynamic library. For these purposes, it uses a dynamicCodeContext object to maintain information about the state
 CcodedSourceConstructs on-the-fly fvOption source
 CCollidingParcel< ParcelType >Wrapper around kinematic parcel types to add collision modelling
 CCollisionModel< CloudType >Templated collision model class
 CCollisionModel< Foam::CollidingCloud< CloudType > >
 CCollisionModel< Foam::CollidingCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > >
 CCollisionModel< Foam::CollidingCloud< KinematicCloud< Cloud< basicKinematicCollidingParcel > > > >
 CCollisionRecordList< PairType, WallType >
 CCollisionRecordList< vector, vector >
 CcolourTableBase class for generating a colour table from node points
 Ccombine< Type, TrackingData >
 CcombineConstraintsEqOpReduce operator
 CcombineEqOp< Type, TrackingData >Reduction class. If x and y are not equal assign value
 CcombineFacesCombines boundary faces into single face. The faces get the patch of the first face ('the master')
 CcombineReduceFileStatesCombine operator for PackedList of fileState
 CcommScheduleDetermines the order in which a set of processors should communicate with one another
 CUPstream::commsStructStructure for communicating between processors
 CUPstream::communicatorHelper class for allocating/freeing communicators
 CCompactIOField< T, BaseType >A Field of objects of type <T> with automated input and output using a compact storage. Behaves like IOField except when binary output in case it writes a CompactListList
 CCompactIOList< T, BaseType >A List of objects of type <T> with automated input and output using a compact storage. Behaves like IOList except when binary output in case it writes a CompactListList
 CCompactIOList< face, label >
 CCompactListList< T, Container >A packed storage unstructured matrix of objects of type <T> using an offset table for access
 CcompareOp< T >Three-way comparison operation of two parameters,
 CcompareOp< Scalar >Compare scalar values
 CcomplexA complex number, similar to the C++ complex type
 CcompositeBodyThis specialized rigidBody holds the original body after it has been merged into a parent
 CCompositionModel< CloudType >Templated reacting parcel composition model class Consists of carrier species (via thermo package), and additional liquids and solids
 CCompositionModel< Foam::ReactingCloud< CloudType > >
 CCompositionModel< Foam::ReactingCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > >
 CcompressibleInterPhaseTransportModelTransport model selection class for the compressibleInterFoam family of solvers
 CcompressibleTransportModelBase-class for all transport models used by the compressible turbulence models
 ClabelRanges::const_iteratorAn STL const_iterator
 CphasePair::const_iteratorSTL const_iterator
 CbitSet::const_iteratorA const_iterator for iterating across on values
 CIndirectListBase< T, Addr >::const_iteratorA const iterator for an indirect list
 CDLListBase::const_iteratorA primitive const node iterator (bidirectional)
 CSLListBase::const_iteratorA primitive const node iterator
 CUPtrList< T >::const_iteratorRandom-access iterator with const access
 CHashTableCore::const_iterator_pair< IteratorType, TableType >Factory class for creating a begin/end pair for any const iterator
 CconstAnIsoSolidTransport< Thermo >Constant properties Transport package. Templated into a given Thermodynamics package (needed for thermal conductivity)
 CconstantConstant condensation/saturation model
 CDSMCParcel< ParcelType >::constantPropertiesClass to hold DSMC particle constant properties
 CKinematicParcel< ParcelType >::constantPropertiesClass to hold kinematic particle constant properties
 Cmolecule::constantPropertiesClass to hold molecule constant properties
 CMatrixSpace< Form, Cmpt, Mrows, Ncols >::ConstBlock< SubTensor, BRowStart, BColStart >Const sub-block type
 CVectorSpace< Form, Cmpt, Ncmpts >::ConstBlock< SubVector, BStart >Const sub-block type
 CconstIsoSolidTransport< Thermo >Constant properties Transport package. Templated into a given thermodynamics package (needed for thermal conductivity)
 CConstMatrixBlock< MatrixType >
 CConstMatrixBlock< Foam::Matrix >
 CconstTransport< Thermo >Constant properties Transport package. Templated into a given thermodynamics package (needed for thermal conductivity)
 CconsumptionSpeedCorrelation function for laminar consumption speed obtained from flamelet solution at increasing strain rates
 CcoordinateRotationUser specification of a coordinate rotation
 CcoordinateScaling< Type >Helper class to wrap coordinate system and component-wise scaling
 CcoordinateScaling< scalar >
 CcoordinateSystemBase class for coordinate system specification, the default coordinate system type is cartesian
 CCorrectionLimitingMethodBase class for correction limiting methods
 CCorrectPhiFlux correction functions to ensure continuity
 CcorrelationFunction< Type >
 CcoupledPointPatchCoupled patch for post-processing. Used as the base class for processor and cyclic pointPatches
 CcoupleGroupIdentifierEncapsulates using patchGroups to specify coupled patch
 CCOxidationDiffusionLimitedRate< CloudType >Diffusion limited rate surface reaction model for coal parcels. Limited to:
 CCOxidationHurtMitchell< CloudType >Char oxidation model given by Hurt and Mitchell:
 CCOxidationIntrinsicRate< CloudType >Intrinsic char surface reaction mndel
 CCOxidationKineticDiffusionLimitedRate< CloudType >Kinetic/diffusion limited rate surface reaction model for coal parcels. Limited to:
 CCOxidationMurphyShaddix< CloudType >Limited to C(s) + O2 -> CO2
 CcpuInfoGeneral CPU characteristics
 CcpuTimeCxxStarts timing CPU usage and return elapsed time from start
 CcpuTimePosixStarts timing CPU usage and return elapsed time from start
 CcreateShellMeshCreates mesh by extruding a patch
 CcrossProduct< arg1, arg2 >
 CCStringListAn adapter for copying a list of C++ strings into a list of C-style strings for passing to C code that expects argc/argv parameters
 CcubeRootVolDeltaSimple cube-root of cell volume delta used in LES models
 CcubicUpwindFitPolynomialCubic polynomial for upwind biased interpolation fitting
 CcuboidSpecialization of rigidBody to construct a cuboid given the mass and lengths of the sides
 Ccurve::curveStyleThe style (line, symbol, etc) of a curve
 CcutPatchify triangles based on orientation w.r.t other (triangulated or triangulatable) surfaces
 Ccv2DControlsControls for the 2D CV mesh generator
 CcvControlsControls for the conformalVoronoiMesh mesh generator
 CcyclicAMILduInterfaceAn abstract base class for cyclic AMI coupled interfaces
 CcyclicAMILduInterfaceFieldAbstract base class for cyclic AMI coupled interfaces
 CcyclicLduInterfaceAn abstract base class for cyclic coupled interfaces
 CcyclicLduInterfaceFieldAbstract base class for cyclic coupled interfaces
 CDampingModel< CloudType >Base class for collisional damping models
 CDampingModel< Foam::MPPICCloud< CloudType > >
 CDampingModel< Foam::MPPICCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > >
 CdaughterSizeDistributionModelBase class for daughter size distribution models
 CDdtSchemeAbstract base class for finite volume calculus ddt schemes
 CddtSchemeBaseNon-templated base class for ddt schemes
 CdecompositionConstraintAbstract class for handling decomposition constraints
 CdecompositionInformationAbstract base class for decomposition
 CdecompositionMethodAbstract base class for domain decomposition
 CdegenerateMatcherCollection of all hex degenerate matchers (hex, wedge, prism etc.)
 CdeltaBoundaryDifferentiation of the mesh data structure
 CsmoothDelta::deltaDataPublic member class used by mesh-wave to propagate the delta-ratio
 CdemandDrivenEntry< Type >Class for demand-driven dictionary entries
 CdemandDrivenEntry< bool >
 CdemandDrivenEntry< label >
 CdemandDrivenEntry< scalar >
 CdepartureDiameterModelBase class for bubble departure diameter models
 CdepartureFrequencyModelBase class for bubble departure frequency models
 CDESModelBaseBase class for DES models providing an interfaces to the LESRegion function
 CDevolatilisationModel< CloudType >Templated devolatilisation model class
 CDevolatilisationModel< Foam::ReactingMultiphaseCloud< CloudType > >
 CDevolatilisationModel< Foam::ReactingMultiphaseCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > >
 CdiameterModelA2stract base-class for dispersed-phase particle diameter models
 CDictionaryBase< IDLListType, T >Base dictionary class templated on both the form of doubly-linked list it uses as well as the type it holds
 CDictionaryBase< DLList< T * >, T >
 CDictionaryBase< DLPtrList< Foam::phase >, Foam::phase >
 CDictionaryBase< DLPtrList< Foam::phaseModel >, Foam::phaseModel >
 CDictionaryBase< DLPtrList< T >, T >
 CDictionaryBase< IDLList< simpleObjectRegistryEntry >, simpleObjectRegistryEntry >
 CDictionaryBase< IDLList< T >, T >
 CDictionaryBase< PtrList< phaseModel >, phaseModel >
 CDictionaryBase< PtrList< T >, T >
 CDictionaryBase< UIDLList< T >, T >
 Cdimensioned< Type >Generic dimensioned Type class
 Cdimensioned< scalar >
 Cdimensioned< vector >
 CDimensionedField< Type, GeoMesh >Field with dimensions and associated with geometry type GeoMesh which is used to size the field and a reference to it is maintained
 CDimensionedField< scalar, Foam::areaMesh >
 CDimensionedField< scalar, Foam::volMesh >
 CDimensionedField< scalar, triSurfacePointGeoMesh >
 CDimensionedField< Type, Foam::areaMesh >
 CDimensionedField< Type, Foam::edgeMesh >
 CDimensionedField< Type, Foam::pointMesh >
 CDimensionedField< Type, Foam::surfaceMesh >
 CDimensionedField< Type, Foam::volMesh >
 CDimensionedField< vector, Foam::pointMesh >
 CDimensionedField< vector, Foam::volMesh >
 CdimensionSetDimension set for the base types
 CdimensionSetsConstruction of unit sets
 CdimFieldDecomposerDimensioned field decomposer
 CdirectionInfoHolds direction in which to split cell (in fact a local coordinate axes). Information is a label and a direction
 CdirectoryIteratorA simple directory contents iterator
 CdirectoryIteratorA simple directory contents iterator
 CDispersionModel< CloudType >Base class for dispersion modelling
 CDispersionModel< Foam::KinematicCloud< Cloud< basicKinematicCollidingParcel > > >
 CDispersionModel< Foam::KinematicCloud< CloudType > >
 CdisplacementMethodAbstract base class for displacement methods, which are a set or wrapper classes allowing to change the driving force of mesh motion solvers
 CdistanceSurfaceA surface defined by a distance from an input searchable surface. Uses an iso-surface algorithm (cell, topo, point) for constructing the distance surface
 CDistribution< Type >Accumulating histogram of component values. Specified bin resolution, automatic generation of bins
 CdistributionModelA library of runtime-selectable distribution models
 CdivideEqOp< T >
 CdivideEqOp2< T1, T2 >
 CdivideOp< T >
 CdivideOp2< T1, T2 >
 CdivideOp3< T, T1, T2 >
 CdlLibraryTableA table of dynamically loaded libraries
 CDLListBaseBase for doubly-linked lists
 CdomainDecompositionDryRunTesting of domain decomposition for finite-volume meshes
 CdriftModelBase class for drift models
 CDSMCBaseCloudVirtual abstract base class for templated DSMCCloud
 CdsmcCloudCloud class to simulate dsmc parcels
 CDSMCParcel< ParcelType >DSMC parcel class
 CspatialTransform::dualWrapper-class to provide dual functions and operators
 CSpatialVector< Cmpt >::dualClass to represent the dual spatial vector
 Ctetrahedron< Point, PointRef >::dummyOpDummy
 Ctriangle< Point, PointRef >::dummyOpDummy
 CduplicatePointsDuplicate points
 CdynamicCodeTools for handling dynamic code compilation
 CdynamicCodeContextEncapsulation of dynamic code dictionaries
 CDynamicField< T, SizeMin >Dynamically sized Field
 CDynamicID< ObjectType >A class that holds the data needed to identify things (zones, patches) in a dynamic mesh
 CDynamicID< faceZoneMesh >
 CDynamicID< pointZoneMesh >
 CDynamicID< polyBoundaryMesh >
 CdynamicIndexedOctree< Type >Non-pointer based hierarchical recursive searching. Storage is dynamic, so elements can be deleted
 CdynamicIndexedOctree< Foam::dynamicTreeDataPoint >
 CDynamicList< T, SizeMin >A 1D vector of objects of type <T> that resizes itself as necessary to accept the new objects
 CDynamicList< autoPtr< DynamicList< label > > >
 CDynamicList< char >
 CDynamicList< double >
 CDynamicList< fileState >
 CDynamicList< FixedList< point, N > >
 CDynamicList< Foam::clockValue >
 CDynamicList< Foam::CompactSpatialTensor >
 CDynamicList< Foam::dictionary >
 CDynamicList< Foam::dynamicIndexedOctree::node >
 CDynamicList< Foam::DynamicList< Foam::profilingInformation *, 16 > >
 CDynamicList< Foam::DynamicList< Foam::Vector > >
 CDynamicList< Foam::face >
 CDynamicList< Foam::fileName >
 CDynamicList< Foam::FixedList< label, 3 > >
 CDynamicList< Foam::FixedList< scalar, 3 > >
 CDynamicList< Foam::Instant >
 CDynamicList< Foam::List >
 CDynamicList< Foam::List< Foam::UPstream::commsStruct > >
 CDynamicList< Foam::List< Foam::Vector > >
 CDynamicList< Foam::List< int > >
 CDynamicList< Foam::PairCollisionRecord< PairType > >
 CDynamicList< Foam::PairCollisionRecord< vector > >
 CDynamicList< Foam::profilingInformation * >
 CDynamicList< Foam::refinementHistory::splitCell8 >
 CDynamicList< Foam::SpatialTensor >
 CDynamicList< Foam::spatialTransform >
 CDynamicList< Foam::SpatialVector >
 CDynamicList< Foam::STLpoint >
 CDynamicList< Foam::Tensor >
 CDynamicList< Foam::triPoints >
 CDynamicList< Foam::Tuple2 >
 CDynamicList< Foam::Vector >
 CDynamicList< Foam::WallCollisionRecord< vector > >
 CDynamicList< Foam::WallCollisionRecord< WallType > >
 CDynamicList< Foam::word >
 CDynamicList< Foam::wordRe >
 CDynamicList< int >
 CDynamicList< label >
 CDynamicList< labelRange >
 CDynamicList< List< vector > >
 CDynamicList< point >
 CDynamicList< scalar >
 CDynamicList< taggedInfoType >
 CDynamicList< token >
 CDynamicList< tokenType, 16 >
 CDynamicList< vector >
 CDynamicList< void * >
 CDynamicList< vtmEntry >
 CDynamicList< word >
 CdynamicTreeDataPointHolds (reference to) pointField. Encapsulation of data needed for octree searches. Used for searching for nearest point. No bounding boxes around points. Only overlaps and calcNearest are implemented, rest makes little sense
 CeConstThermo< EquationOfState >Constant properties thermodynamics package templated on an equation of state
 CeddyClass to describe eddies for the turbulentDFSEMInletFvPatchVectorField boundary condition
 CedgeCollapserDoes polyTopoChanges to remove edges. Can remove faces due to edge collapse but can not remove cells due to face removal! Also removes unused points
 CedgeFaceCirculatorWalks from starting face around edge
 CedgeFieldsFinite area edge fields
 CedgeInterpolationFace to edge interpolation scheme. Included in faMesh
 CedgeMeshFormatsCoreA collection of helper functions for reading/writing edge formats
 CedgeStatsHelper class to calculate minimum edge length on mesh
 CedgeSurfaceDescription of surface in form of 'cloud of edges'
 CedgeVertexCombines edge or vertex in single label. Used to specify cuts across cell circumference
 CemptyOp< T >Test if object is empty, typically using its empty() method
 CenrichedPatchThe enriched patch contains a double set of faces from the two sides of the sliding interface before the cutting
 CensightCaseSupports writing of ensight cases as well as providing common factory methods to open new files
 CensightCellsSorting/classification of cells (3D) into corresponding ensight element types
 CensightFacesSorting/classification of faces (2D) into corresponding ensight types
 CensightMeshEncapsulation of volume meshes for writing in ensight format
 CensightPartBase class for ensightPartCells and ensightPartFaces
 CensightPTraits< PrimitiveType >Conversion of OpenFOAM pTraits into the Ensight equivalent
 CEnum< EnumType >Enum is a wrapper around a list of names/values that represent particular enumeration (or int) values. All dictionary searches use a literal (not regex)
 CEnum< abszissaTypes >
 CEnum< actionType >
 CEnum< algorithm >
 CEnum< algorithmType >
 CEnum< angleTypes >
 CEnum< areaSelectionAlgo >
 CEnum< baseType >
 CEnum< booleanOpType >
 CEnum< cellAction >
 CEnum< cellType >
 CEnum< cellTypes >
 CEnum< colourByType >
 CEnum< colourMapType >
 CEnum< commsTypes >
 CEnum< compressibleField >
 CEnum< configs >
 CEnum< controlMode >
 CEnum< coordFormat >
 CEnum< ddtSchemeType >
 CEnum< debugType >
 CEnum< decompositionType >
 CEnum< derivedType >
 CEnum< direction >
 CEnum< directionType >
 CEnum< distributionType >
 CEnum< dualMeshPointType >
 CEnum< edgeStatus >
 CEnum< entry::inputMode >
 CEnum< eulerOrder >
 CEnum< faceAction >
 CEnum< faceZoneType >
 CEnum< fanFlowDirection >
 CEnum< fieldFormat >
 CEnum< fileCheckTypes >
 CEnum< fileExt >
 CEnum< fileExt3d >
 CEnum< fileHeader >
 CEnum< fileState >
 CEnum< filterType >
 CEnum< flowType >
 CEnum< functionTypes >
 CEnum< geometryModeType >
 CEnum< geometryType >
 CEnum< halignType >
 CEnum< hydrostaticMode >
 CEnum< incompressibleField >
 CEnum< injectionMethod >
 CEnum< inletFlowType >
 CEnum< inputFormatType >
 CEnum< interpolationMethod >
 CEnum< interpolationType >
 CEnum< intersectionType >
 CEnum< KMethodType >
 CEnum< limitControls >
 CEnum< limitType >
 CEnum< loadFormat >
 CEnum< loadingOption >
 CEnum< logicType >
 CEnum< massTransferMode >
 CEnum< mode >
 CEnum< modelType >
 CEnum< modelVariable >
 CEnum< modeType >
 CEnum< motionTypes >
 CEnum< offsetMode >
 CEnum< operatingMode >
 CEnum< operationMode >
 CEnum< operationType >
 CEnum< opType >
 CEnum< orientedOption >
 CEnum< outputFormatType >
 CEnum< outputState >
 CEnum< outputTemperatureType >
 CEnum< parseMode >
 CEnum< pathType >
 CEnum< phaseType >
 CEnum< pointAction >
 CEnum< pointStatus >
 CEnum< postOperationType >
 CEnum< powerDistributionMode >
 CEnum< predefined >
 CEnum< predefinedType >
 CEnum< pressureDropModel >
 CEnum< procMapMethod >
 CEnum< projectMode >
 CEnum< refineMode >
 CEnum< refTemperatureType >
 CEnum< regionType >
 CEnum< regionTypes >
 CEnum< renderModeType >
 CEnum< representationType >
 CEnum< sampleMode >
 CEnum< samplingSource >
 CEnum< satisfiedAction >
 CEnum< scalingType >
 CEnum< selectionModeType >
 CEnum< selectionModeTypes >
 CEnum< setAction >
 CEnum< sideVolumeType >
 CEnum< solverType >
 CEnum< sourceType >
 CEnum< stopAtControls >
 CEnum< streamFormat >
 CEnum< sunDirModel >
 CEnum< sunLModel >
 CEnum< temperatureMode >
 CEnum< thermoMode >
 CEnum< timeControls >
 CEnum< trackDirType >
 CEnum< transformType >
 CEnum< triangulationMode >
 CEnum< typeOfMatch >
 CEnum< variantType >
 CEnum< vector::components >
 CEnum< vertexMotion >
 CEnum< vertexType >
 CEnum< volumeType::type >
 CEnum< vtkDataSetType >
 CEnum< vtkDataType >
 CEnum< windowType >
 CEnum< writeControls >
 CEnum< writeOption >
 CEnum< writeType >
 CeqMagOp< T >
 CeqMagOp2< T1, T2 >
 CeqMagSqrOp< T >
 CeqMagSqrOp2< T1, T2 >
 CeqMinusOp< T >
 CeqMinusOp2< T1, T2 >
 CeqOp< T >
 CeqOp2< T1, T2 >
 CeqSqrOp< T >
 CeqSqrOp2< T1, T2 >
 CequalOp< T >
 CequalOp1< T >
 CequalOp2< T1, T2 >
 CequalOp< Scalar >Compare scalar values for equality
 CeRefConstThermo< EquationOfState >Constant properties thermodynamics package templated into the EquationOfState
 CerrorManip< Err >Error stream manipulators for exit and abort which may terminate the program or throw an exception depending if the exception handling has been switched on (off by default)
 CerrorManipArg< Err, T >Error stream manipulators for functions with an argument
 CEulerDdtSchemeBasic first-order Euler implicit/explicit ddt using only the current and previous time-step values
 CeulerianParticleLightweight class to store particle data derived from VOF calculations, with special handling for input, output and parallel reduction
 CexponentialSolidTransport< Thermo >Exponential properties for solid heat transport Templated into a given thermodynamics package
 CexprDriverBase driver for parsing (field) values
 CexpressionEntryConvert dictionary entry to a stringified expression
 CextendedCellToCellStencilBaseclass for cell-to-cell stencils
 CextendedCellToFaceStencilCalculates/constains the extended cell-to-face stencil
 CextendedFaceToCellStencilNote: transformations on coupled patches not supported. Problem is the positions of cells reachable through these patches
 CexternalDisplacementMeshMoverVirtual base class for mesh movers with externally provided displacement field giving the boundary conditions. Move the mesh from the current location to a new location (so modify the mesh; v.s. motionSolver that only returns the new location)
 CexternalFileCouplerEncapsulates the logic for coordinating between OpenFOAM and an external application
 CexternalPointEdgePointHolds information regarding nearest wall point. Used in PointEdgeWave. (so not standard FaceCellWave) To be used in wall distance calculation
 Cextrude2DMeshGiven a 2D mesh insert all the topology changes to extrude. Does not work in parallel
 CextrudeModelTop level extrusion model class
 CMy_items::Face_wrapper< Refs, Traits >
 CfaceAreaIntersectFace intersection class
 CfaceCollapserCollapses faces into edges. Used to remove sliver faces (faces with small area but non-zero span)
 CfaceCoupleInfoContainer for information needed to couple to meshes. When constructed from two meshes and a geometric tolerance finds the corresponding boundary faces
 CfaceEqOp< T, CombineOp >
 CfaceReflectingCalculates the reflecting faces from specular surfaces. It only takes into account the first reflection coming from a surface hit by the primary Sun hit faces
 CfaceSelectionFace selection method for createBaffles
 CfaceShadingFaceShading uses the transmissivity value in the boundaryRadiationProperties in order to evaluate which faces are "hit" by the "direction" vector. NOTE: Only transmissivity values of zero are considered for opaque walls
 CfaceTraits< FaceType >Traits class for faces
 CfaePatchField< Type >FaePatchField<Type> abstract base class. This class gives a fat-interface to all derived classes covering all possible ways in which they might be used. The first level of derivation is to basic patchFields which cover zero-gradient, fixed-gradient, fixed-value and mixed conditions. The next level of derivation covers all the specialised typed with specific evaluation proceedures, particularly with respect to specific fields
 CfaFieldDecomposerFinite Area area and edge field decomposer
 CfaFieldReconstructorFinite Area area and edge fields reconstruction
 CFallOffReactionRate< ReactionRate, FallOffFunction >General class for handling unimolecular/recombination fall-off reactions
 CfaMatrix< Type >A special matrix type and solver, designed for finite area solutions of scalar equations. Face addressing is used to make all matrix assembly and solution loops vectorise
 CfaMeshMapperClass holds all the necessary information for mapping fields associated with faMesh
 CfaPatchDataClass which holds data needed for faPatch construction
 CfaPatchField< Type >FaPatchField<Type> abstract base class. This class gives a fat-interface to all derived classes covering all possible ways in which they might be used. The first level of derivation is to basic patchFields which cover zero-gradient, fixed-gradient, fixed-value and mixed conditions. The next level of derivation covers all the specialised typed with specific evaluation proceedures, particularly with respect to specific fields
 CfaScalarMatrixTemplate specialisation for scalar faMatrix
 CfaMatrix< Type >::faSolverSolver class returned by the solver function
 CfeaturePointConformerThe Delaunay vertices required to conform to a feature point can be determined upon initialisation because the feature points are fixed and do not change throughout the meshing process
 CfftFast fourier transform using the fftw library
 CField< Type >Generic templated field type
 CField< bool >
 CField< complexVector >
 CField< DType >
 CField< Foam::Field< Type > >
 CField< Foam::SymmTensor >
 CField< Foam::Vector >
 CField< Foam::Vector2D >
 CField< Foam::Vector< bool > >
 CField< label >
 CField< LUType >
 CField< point >
 CField< PointType >
 CField< scalar >
 CField< solveScalar >
 CField< symmTensor >
 CField< T >
 CField< tensor >
 CField< TypeGrad >
 CField< vector >
 CFieldAccess< Type >Default field access is vtkCellData
 CFieldAccess<::Foam::polySurfacePointGeoMesh >PointAccess for point fields (on polySurfacePointGeoMesh)
 CfieldAverageItemHelper class to describe what form of averaging to apply. A set will be applied to each base field in Foam::fieldAverage, of the form:
 CsolutionControl::fieldDataSimple convenient storage of field residuals
 CfieldEntryA ccm field entry with short name, name, maxId and type
 CFieldField< Field, Type >A field of fields is a PtrList of fields with reference counting
 CFieldField< Foam::Field, Foam::Tensor >
 CFieldField< Foam::Field, LUType >
 CFieldField< Foam::Field, scalar >
 CFieldField< Foam::Field, Type >
 CFieldField< PatchField, Type >
 CfieldInfoHelper class to store a wordRe and label used by Foam::functionObjects::fieldSelection
 CFieldMapperAbstract base class to hold the Field mapping addressing and weights
 CfieldSmootherUtility functions for mesh motion solvers
 CfieldVisualisationBase::fieldSummaryGeneral field characteristics
 CfieldVisualisationBaseBase class for scene objects
 CfileMonitorChecking for changes to files
 CfileMonitorWatcherInternal tracking via stat(3p) or inotify(7)
 CfileOperationAn encapsulation of filesystem-related operations
 CfileStatWrapper for stat() and lstat() system calls
 CfileWriterBase class for VTK output writers that handle geometry and fields (eg, vtp, vtu data). These output formats are structured as DECLARED, FIELD_DATA, PIECE followed by any CELL_DATA or POINT_DATA
 CfilmBoilingModelBase class for nucleation site density models
 CtreeDataPrimitivePatch< PatchType >::findAllIntersectOp
 CtreeDataPrimitivePatch< PatchType >::findIntersectOp
 CtreeDataPrimitivePatch< PatchType >::findNearestOp
 CtreeDataPrimitivePatch< PatchType >::findSelfIntersectOp
 CFIRECoreCore routines used when reading/writing AVL/FIRE files
 CFixedList< T, N >A 1D vector of objects of type <T> with a fixed length <N>
 CFixedList< bool, Foam::pTraits< Type >::nComponents >
 CFixedList< direction, 3 >
 CFixedList< Foam::FixedList< Foam::radiation::absorptionCoeffs, nSpecies_ >, maxBands_ >
 CFixedList< Foam::labelBits, 8 >
 CFixedList< Foam::labelRange, 3 >
 CFixedList< Foam::labelRange, 5 >
 CFixedList< Foam::List, 3 >
 CFixedList< Foam::List< Foam::Field >, 3 >
 CFixedList< Foam::List< Foam::FixedList< label, 4 > >, 6 >
 CFixedList< Foam::Vector, 6 >
 CFixedList< Foam::Vector2D< scalar >, maxBands_ >
 CFixedList< label, 3 >
 CFixedList< label, 4 >
 CFixedList< label, 5 >
 CFixedList< label, 6 >
 CFixedList< label, 8 >
 CFixedList< label, nSpecies_ >
 CFixedList< point, 3 >
 CFixedList< point, 4 >
 CFixedList< scalar, 1 >
 CFixedList< scalar, 100 >
 CFixedList< scalar, 3 >
 CFixedList< scalar, 5 >
 CFixedList< scalar, 7 >
 CFixedList< scalar, maxBands_ >
 CFixedList< scalar, nb_ >
 CFixedList< scalar, nCoeff_ >
 CFixedList< scalar, nCoeffs_ >
 CFixedList< Type, 3 >
 CFixedList< Type, 4 >
 CfixedNormalSlipPointPatchField< Type >Slip with user-specified normal
 CFlatOutput< Container >Simple output adapter for list output on a single line. The backend type must support a two-argument writeList() method
 CflipBoolOpInvert boolean value
 CflipLabelOpNegate integer values
 CflipOpFunctor to negate primitives. Dummy for most other types
 CfloorOp< T >
 CfloorOp< Scalar >Round scalar downwards - functor version of std::floor
 Cflux< scalar >
 CfoamToVtkReportFieldsCollection of simple static methods for reporting field names by category, which is used by foamToVTK
 CfoamVtkMeshMapsBookkeeping for mesh subsetting and/or polyhedral cell decomposition. Although the main use case is for handling vtk meshes, it is not specific to VTK alone
 CformatterAbstract class for a VTK output stream formatter
 CfoundOp< StringType >Functor to determine if a string is exists in a list of strings
 CgeometricSurfacePatch::fromIdentifierHelper to convert identifier types as an operation
 CFunction1< Type >Top level data entry class for use in dictionaries. Provides a mechanism to specify a variable as a certain type, e.g. constant or table, and provide functions to return the (interpolated) value, and integral between limits
 CFunction1< Foam::Vector >
 CFunction1< scalar >
 CfunctionObjectAbstract base-class for Time/database function objects
 CfvFieldDecomposerFinite Volume volume and surface field decomposer
 CfvFieldReconstructorFinite volume reconstructor for volume and surface fields
 CfvMatrix< Type >A special matrix type and solver, designed for finite volume solutions of scalar equations. Face addressing is used to make all matrix assembly and solution loops vectorise
 CfvMeshDistributeSends/receives parts of mesh+fvfields to neighbouring processors. Used in load balancing
 CfvMeshMapperClass holds all the necessary information for mapping fields associated with fvMesh
 CfvMeshSubsetGiven the original mesh and the list of selected cells, it creates the mesh consisting only of the desired cells, with the mapping list for points, faces, and cells
 CfvMeshSubsetProxySimple proxy for holding a mesh, or mesh-subset. The subMeshes are currently limited to cellSet or cellZone definitions
 CfvMeshToolsA collection of tools for operating on an fvMesh
 CfvMotionSolverBase class for fvMesh based motionSolvers
 CfvPatchA finiteVolume patch using a polyPatch and a fvBoundaryMesh
 CfvPatchField< Type >Abstract base class with a fat-interface to all derived classes covering all possible ways in which they might be used
 CfvPatchField< scalar >
 CfvPatchField< vector >
 CfvMatrix< Type >::fvSolverSolver class returned by the solver function
 CfvsPatchField< Type >An abstract base class with a fat-interface to all derived classes covering all possible ways in which they might be used
 CGAMGProcAgglomerationProcessor agglomeration of GAMGAgglomerations
 CGammaWeightClass with operator() which returns the weighting factors for the Gamma differencing scheme. Used in conjunction with the template class NVDscheme
 CRandom::gaussianGeneratorOp< T >A generator class returning a gaussian distributed random number
 CgeneralGeneral relative velocity model
 CgenericRagelLemonDriverGeneric interface code for Ragel/Lemon combination Subclasses should implement one or more process() methods
 CGeoMesh< MESH >Generic mesh wrapper used by volMesh, surfaceMesh, pointMesh etc
 CGeoMesh< faMesh >
 CGeoMesh< fvMesh >
 CGeoMesh< polyMesh >
 CGeoMesh< polySurface >
 CGeoMesh< surfMesh >
 CGeoMesh< triSurface >
 CGeometricField< Type, PatchField, GeoMesh >Generic GeometricField class
 CGeometricField< Foam::Vector, Foam::fvPatchField, Foam::volMesh >
 CGeometricField< Foam::Vector, Foam::pointPatchField, Foam::pointMesh >
 CGeometricField< scalar, Foam::fvPatchField, Foam::volMesh >
 CGeometricField< scalar, Foam::pointPatchField, Foam::pointMesh >
 CGeometricField< scalar, fvPatchField, volMesh >
 CGeometricField< scalar, fvsPatchField, surfaceMesh >
 CGeometricField< scalar, pointPatchField, pointMesh >
 CGeometricField< symmTensor, fvPatchField, volMesh >
 CGeometricField< tensor, fvPatchField, volMesh >
 CGeometricField< Type, Foam::faePatchField, Foam::edgeMesh >
 CGeometricField< Type, Foam::faPatchField, Foam::areaMesh >
 CGeometricField< Type, Foam::fvPatchField, Foam::volMesh >
 CGeometricField< Type, Foam::fvsPatchField, Foam::surfaceMesh >
 CGeometricField< Type, Foam::pointPatchField, Foam::pointMesh >
 CGeometricField< Type, fvPatchField, volMesh >
 CGeometricField< vector, fvPatchField, volMesh >
 CGeometricField< vector, fvsPatchField, surfaceMesh >
 CGeometricField< vector, pointPatchField, pointMesh >
 CgeometricSurfacePatchThe geometricSurfacePatch is like patchIdentifier but for surfaces. Holds type, name and index
 CgeometryBaseBase class for surface, text handling etc
 CgetNameOp< T >General get operation to extract the 'name' from an object as a word
 CgetTypeOp< T >General get operation to extract the 'type' from an object as a word
 CglobalIndexCalculates a unique integer (label so might not have enough room - 2G max) for processor + local index. E.g
 CglobalIndexAndTransformDetermination and storage of the possible independent transforms introduced by coupledPolyPatches, as well as all of the possible permutations of these transforms generated by the presence of multiple coupledPolyPatches, i.e. more than one cyclic boundary. Note that any given point can be on maximum 3 transforms only (and these transforms have to be perpendicular)
 CglobalPointsCalculates points shared by more than two processor patches or cyclic patches
 CgradingDescriptorHandles the specification for grading within a section of a block
 Cnatural_sort::greater< T >A list compare binary predicate for reverse natural sort
 Cgreater< ListType >A list compare binary predicate for reverse sort
 CUList< T >::greaterA list compare binary predicate for reverse sort
 Cgreater< T >A UPtrList compare binary predicate for reverse sort
 CgreaterEqOp< T >
 CgreaterEqOp1< T >
 CgreaterEqOp2< T1, T2 >
 CgreaterOp< T >
 CgreaterOp1< T >
 CgreaterOp2< T1, T2 >
 Cedge::Hash< HashT >Hashing function class for edge (commutative)
 CtriFace::Hash< HashT >Hashing function class for triFace (commutative)
 CHash< T >Hash function class. The default definition is for primitives, non-primitives used to hash entries on hash tables likely need a specialized version of this class
 Cstring::hashHashing function for string and derived string classes
 CFixedList< T, N >::Hash< HashT >Hashing function class for FixedList
 CUList< T >::Hash< HashT >Hashing function class for UList
 CHash< edge >Hash specialization for edge, using a commutative (incremental) hash
 CHash< face >Hash specialization for face
 CHash< FixedList< T, N > >
 CHash< Foam::fileName >Hash specialization for fileName
 CHash< Foam::keyType >Hash specialization for keyType
 CHash< Foam::label >Hash specialization for label
 CHash< Foam::string >Hash specialization for string
 CHash< Foam::word >Hash specialization for word
 CHash< Foam::wordRe >Hash specialization for wordRe
 CHash< interfacePair >
 CHash< List< T > >
 CHash< Pair< T > >
 CHash< phasePairKey >
 CHash< triFace >Hash specialization for triFace as a commutative hash value
 CHash< UList< T > >
 CHash< void * >Hash specialization for pointers, interpret pointer as a integer type
 CHashPtrTable< T, Key, Hash >A HashTable of pointers to objects of type <T>
 CHashPtrTable< curve >
 CHashPtrTable< dragModel, interfacePair, interfacePair::symmHash >
 CHashPtrTable< exprResult >
 CHashPtrTable< Foam::colourTable >
 CHashPtrTable< Foam::Field >
 CHashPtrTable< Foam::Function1< Foam::Vector > >
 CHashPtrTable< Foam::GeometricField >
 CHashPtrTable< Foam::GeometricField, Foam::phasePairKey, Foam::phasePairKey::hash >
 CHashPtrTable< Foam::List >
 CHashPtrTable< Foam::OFstream >
 CHashPtrTable< Foam::surfaceWriter >
 CHashPtrTable< Foam::sutherlandTransport >
 CHashPtrTable< HashPtrTable< volScalarField >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >
 CHashPtrTable< IOobject >
 CHashPtrTable< surfaceScalarField, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >
 CHashPtrTable< ThermoType >
 CHashPtrTable< volScalarField, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >
 CHashTable< T, Key, Hash >A HashTable similar to std::unordered_map
 CHashTable< autoPtr< aspectRatioModel >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >
 CHashTable< autoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< dragModel > >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >
 CHashTable< autoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< heatTransferModel > >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >
 CHashTable< autoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< liftModel > >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >
 CHashTable< autoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< phaseTransferModel > >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >
 CHashTable< autoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< turbulentDispersionModel > >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >
 CHashTable< autoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< virtualMassModel > >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >
 CHashTable< autoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< wallLubricationModel > >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >
 CHashTable< autoPtr< blendingMethod >, word, word::hash >
 CHashTable< autoPtr< interfaceCompositionModel >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >
 CHashTable< autoPtr< phaseModel > >
 CHashTable< autoPtr< phasePair >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >
 CHashTable< autoPtr< porousModel >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >
 CHashTable< autoPtr< reflectionModel >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >
 CHashTable< autoPtr< surfaceTensionModel >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >
 CHashTable< const Foam::faMesh * >
 CHashTable< const Foam::fvMesh * >
 CHashTable< const GeometricField< Type, fvPatchField, volMesh > * >
 CHashTable< DataType, KeyType >
 CHashTable< edge >
 CHashTable< Foam::autoPtr< Foam::blendingMethod >, Foam::word, word::hash >
 CHashTable< Foam::autoPtr< Foam::interfaceCompositionModel > >
 CHashTable< Foam::dimensioned, Foam::word, word::hash >
 CHashTable< Foam::ensightFaces >
 CHashTable< Foam::entry * >
 CHashTable< Foam::expressions::exprResult >
 CHashTable< Foam::expressions::exprResultDelayed >
 CHashTable< Foam::expressions::exprResultGlobals::Table >
 CHashTable< Foam::HashTable< Foam::string > >
 CHashTable< Foam::List >
 CHashTable< Foam::List, edge, Hash< edge > >
 CHashTable< Foam::phase * >
 CHashTable< Foam::phaseModel * >
 CHashTable< Foam::string >
 CHashTable< Foam::string, label, Foam::Hash< label > >
 CHashTable< Foam::vtk::seriesWriter, Foam::fileName >
 CHashTable< Foam::word >
 CHashTable< foamVtpData, Foam::string >
 CHashTable< foamVtuData, Foam::string >
 CHashTable< int >
 CHashTable< interfaceThetaProps, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >
 CHashTable< label >
 CHashTable< label, edge, Hash< edge > >
 CHashTable< label, extendedFeatureEdgeMesh::edgeStatus, Hash< label > >
 CHashTable< label, labelPair, labelPair::Hash<> >
 CHashTable< labelList, edge, Hash< edge > >
 CHashTable< List< specieElement > >
 CHashTable< loadFormat >
 CHashTable< Pair< autoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< heatTransferModel > > >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >
 CHashTable< Pair< autoPtr< BlendedInterfacialModel< massTransferModel > > >, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >
 CHashTable< phase >
 CHashTable< phaseModel * >
 CHashTable< regIOobject * >
 CHashTable< scalar >
 CHashTable< scalar, edge, Hash< edge > >
 CHashTable< scalar, interfacePair, interfacePair::hash >
 CHashTable< scalar, interfacePair, interfacePair::symmHash >
 CHashTable< scalar, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hash >
 CHashTable< simpleObjectRegistryEntry * >
 CHashTable< std::pair< bool, int > >
 CHashTable< std::pair< Foam::word, int > >
 CHashTable< surfaceScalarField >
 CHashTable< surfaceZonesInfo::faceZoneType >
 CHashTable< T * >
 CHashTable< T, edge, Hash< edge > >
 CHashTable< volScalarField::Internal >
 CHashTable< wordList >
 CHashTable< zero::null, edge, Hash< edge > >
 CHashTable< zero::null, Foam::fileName, string::hash >
 CHashTable< zero::null, Foam::string, string::hash >
 CHashTable< zero::null, Key, Hash >
 CHashTable< zero::null, label, Hash< label > >
 CHashTable< zero::null, labelPairPair, labelPairPair::Hash<> >
 CHashTable< zero::null, word, string::hash >
 CHashTableCoreBits that are independent of HashTable template parameters
 CHashTablePair< K, V >Internal storage type for HashTable entries
 CHashTableSingle< K >Internal storage type for HashSet entries
 ChConstThermo< EquationOfState >Constant properties thermodynamics package templated into the EquationOfState
 CheatTransferCoeffModelAn abstract base class for heat transfer coeffcient models
 CHeatTransferModel< CloudType >Templated heat transfer model class
 CHeatTransferModel< Foam::ThermoCloud< CloudType > >
 CHeatTransferModel< Foam::ThermoCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > >
 ChelpBoundaryThis class provides help for boundary conditions (patch fields). When no additional arguments are given, the utility outputs all known boundary conditions
 ChelpFunctionObjectThis class provides help for functionObjects. When no additional arguments are given, the utility outputs all known function objects
 ChelpSolverThis class provides help for solvers. When no additional arguments are given, the utility outputs all known solvers
 ChelpTypeBase class for foam help classes
 CHeterogeneousReactingModel< CloudType >Base class for heterogeneous reacting models
 CHeterogeneousReactingModel< Foam::ReactingHeterogeneousCloud< CloudType > >
 CHeterogeneousReactingModel< Foam::ReactingHeterogeneousCloud< Foam::DSMCCloud > >
 ChexBlockHex block definition used in the cfx converter
 ChexRef8Refinement of (split) hexes using polyTopoChange
 ChexRef8DataVarious for reading/decomposing/reconstructing/distributing refinement data
 CHistogram< List >Calculates the counts per bin of a list
 ChPolynomialThermo< EquationOfState, PolySize >Thermodynamics package templated on the equation of state, using polynomial functions for cp, h and s
 ChPowerThermo< EquationOfState >Power-function based thermodynamics package templated on EquationOfState
 ChRefConstThermo< EquationOfState >Constant properties thermodynamics package templated into the EquationOfState
 ChumidityTemperatureCoupledMixedFvPatchScalarFieldMixed boundary condition for temperature to be used at the coupling interface between fluid solid regions
 ChypotOp< T >Hypot operation (scalar only)
 CIATEsourceIATE (Interfacial Area Transport Equation) bubble diameter model run-time selectable sources
 CicoPolynomial< Specie, PolySize >Incompressible, polynomial form of equation of state, using a polynomial function for density
 CIDDESDeltaIDDESDelta used by the IDDES (improved low Re Spalart-Allmaras DES model) The min and max delta are calculated using the face to face distance of the cell
 CifEqEqOp< value >Reduction class. If x and y are not equal assign value
 CIFstreamAllocatorA std::istream with the ability to handle compressed files
 CsigFpe::ignoreHelper to locally ignore SIGFPE handling
 CijkAddressingA simple i-j-k (row-major order) to linear addressing
 CILList< LListBase, T >Template class for intrusive linked lists