domainDecompositionDryRun Class Reference

Testing of domain decomposition for finite-volume meshes. More...

Public Member Functions

 domainDecompositionDryRun (const IOobject &io, const fileName &decompDictFile="", const label nDomains=0, const word &methodName="")
 Construct from components. More...
 ~domainDecompositionDryRun ()=default
 Destructor. More...
const fvMeshmesh () const noexcept
 The mesh. More...
void execute (const bool writeCellDist, const bool verbose=false)
 Perform dry-run. More...

Detailed Description

Testing of domain decomposition for finite-volume meshes.

Source files

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ domainDecompositionDryRun()

domainDecompositionDryRun ( const IOobject io,
const fileName decompDictFile = "",
const label  nDomains = 0,
const word methodName = "" 

Construct from components.

iothe IOobject for mesh
decompDictFileoptional non-standard location for the decomposeParDict file
nDomainsoptional override value for numberOfSubdomains
methodNameoptional override value for decomposition method

◆ ~domainDecompositionDryRun()


Member Function Documentation

◆ mesh()

const fvMesh & mesh ( ) const

The mesh.

Definition at line 108 of file domainDecompositionDryRun.H.

◆ execute()

void execute ( const bool  writeCellDist,
const bool  verbose = false 

Perform dry-run.

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