PopulationBalancePhaseSystem< BasePhaseSystem > Class Template Reference

Class which provides population balance functionality. More...

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Public Member Functions

 PopulationBalancePhaseSystem (const fvMesh &)
 Construct from fvMesh. More...
virtual ~PopulationBalancePhaseSystem ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual tmp< volScalarFielddmdt (const phasePairKey &key) const
 Return the mass transfer rate for a pair. More...
virtual PtrList< volScalarFielddmdts () const
 Return the mass transfer rates for each phase. More...
virtual autoPtr< phaseSystem::massTransferTablemassTransfer () const
 Return the mass transfer matrices. More...
virtual bool read ()
 Read base phaseProperties dictionary. More...
virtual void solve ()
 Solve all population balance equations. More...

Protected Types

typedef HashPtrTable< volScalarField, phasePairKey, phasePairKey::hashpDmdtTable

Protected Member Functions

virtual tmp< volScalarFieldpDmdt (const phasePairKey &key) const
 Return the population balance mass transfer rate. More...

Protected Attributes

PtrList< diameterModels::populationBalanceModelpopulationBalances_
 populationBalanceModels More...
pDmdtTable pDmdt_
 Interfacial Mass transfer rate. More...

Detailed Description

template<class BasePhaseSystem>
class Foam::PopulationBalancePhaseSystem< BasePhaseSystem >

Class which provides population balance functionality.

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Member Typedef Documentation

◆ pDmdtTable

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PopulationBalancePhaseSystem()

◆ ~PopulationBalancePhaseSystem()


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Member Function Documentation

◆ pDmdt()

Foam::tmp< Foam::volScalarField > pDmdt ( const phasePairKey key) const

Return the population balance mass transfer rate.

Definition at line 35 of file PopulationBalancePhaseSystem.C.

◆ dmdt()

Foam::tmp< Foam::volScalarField > dmdt ( const phasePairKey key) const

Return the mass transfer rate for a pair.

Definition at line 143 of file PopulationBalancePhaseSystem.C.

◆ dmdts()

Return the mass transfer rates for each phase.

Definition at line 154 of file PopulationBalancePhaseSystem.C.

References forAllConstIter, phasePair::phase1(), and phasePair::phase2().

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◆ massTransfer()

Return the mass transfer matrices.

Definition at line 173 of file PopulationBalancePhaseSystem.C.

References forAll, forAllConstIter, IOobject::groupName(), phase::name(), phaseModel::name(), Foam::name(), Foam::negPart(), phasePairKey::ordered(), phasePair::phase1(), phasePair::phase2(), Foam::posPart(), psi, and Foam::fvm::Sp().

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◆ read()

bool read

Read base phaseProperties dictionary.

Definition at line 233 of file PopulationBalancePhaseSystem.C.

◆ solve()

void solve

Solve all population balance equations.

Definition at line 251 of file PopulationBalancePhaseSystem.C.

References forAll.

Member Data Documentation

◆ populationBalances_

PtrList<diameterModels::populationBalanceModel> populationBalances_

◆ pDmdt_

pDmdtTable pDmdt_

Interfacial Mass transfer rate.

Definition at line 73 of file PopulationBalancePhaseSystem.H.

Referenced by PopulationBalancePhaseSystem< BasePhaseSystem >::PopulationBalancePhaseSystem().

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