patchExprFieldBase Class Reference

Base class for managing patches with expressions. The expected input supports value, gradient and mixed conditions. More...

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Public Member Functions

 patchExprFieldBase ()
 Default construct. More...
 patchExprFieldBase (const dictionary &dict, enum expectedTypes expectedType=expectedTypes::VALUE_TYPE, bool wantPointData=false)
 Construct from dictionary. More...
void write (Ostream &os) const
 Write. More...

Protected Types

enum  expectedTypes { VALUE_TYPE = 1 , GRADIENT_TYPE = 2 , MIXED_TYPE = 3 }
 Enumeration of expected expressions. More...

Protected Attributes

bool debug_
 Add debugging. More...
bool evalOnConstruct_
 Slightly dodgy concept here. More...
expressions::exprString valueExpr_
expressions::exprString gradExpr_
expressions::exprString fracExpr_

Detailed Description

Base class for managing patches with expressions. The expected input supports value, gradient and mixed conditions.

Property Description Required Default
valueExpr expression for uniformValue partly 0
gradientExpr expression for uniformGradient partly 0
fractionExpr expression for valueFraction partly depends
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Member Enumeration Documentation

◆ expectedTypes

enum expectedTypes

Enumeration of expected expressions.


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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ patchExprFieldBase() [1/2]

Default construct.

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◆ patchExprFieldBase() [2/2]

patchExprFieldBase ( const dictionary dict,
enum expectedTypes  expectedType = expectedTypes::VALUE_TYPE,
bool  wantPointData = false 

Construct from dictionary.

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References dict.

Member Function Documentation

◆ write()

void write ( Ostream os) const


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References os().

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Member Data Documentation

◆ debug_

bool debug_

Add debugging.

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◆ evalOnConstruct_

bool evalOnConstruct_

Slightly dodgy concept here.

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◆ valueExpr_

expressions::exprString valueExpr_

Definition at line 107 of file patchExprFieldBase.H.

◆ gradExpr_

expressions::exprString gradExpr_

Definition at line 108 of file patchExprFieldBase.H.

◆ fracExpr_

expressions::exprString fracExpr_

Definition at line 109 of file patchExprFieldBase.H.

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