particle< Type >::positionsCompat1706 Struct Reference

Old particle positions content for OpenFOAM-1706 and earlier. More...

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Public Attributes

vector position
label celli
label facei
scalar stepFraction
label tetFacei
label tetPti
label origProc
label origId

Detailed Description

template<class Type>
struct Foam::particle< Type >::positionsCompat1706

Old particle positions content for OpenFOAM-1706 and earlier.

Definition at line 116 of file particle.H.

Member Data Documentation

◆ position

vector position

Definition at line 118 of file particle.H.

Referenced by polyLineEdge::position(), BSplineEdge::position(), and splineEdge::position().

◆ celli

label celli

Definition at line 119 of file particle.H.

◆ facei

label facei

Definition at line 120 of file particle.H.

◆ stepFraction

scalar stepFraction

Definition at line 121 of file particle.H.

◆ tetFacei

label tetFacei

Definition at line 122 of file particle.H.

◆ tetPti

label tetPti

Definition at line 123 of file particle.H.

◆ origProc

label origProc

Definition at line 124 of file particle.H.

◆ origId

label origId

Definition at line 125 of file particle.H.

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