mapDistributeLagrangian Class Reference

Mesh-to-mesh mapping information for particles. More...

Public Member Functions

 mapDistributeLagrangian (const label nNewParticles, labelListList &&subParticleMap, labelListList &&constructParticleMap, labelListList &&constructCellLabels)
 Move construct from components. More...
const mapDistributeparticleMap () const
 Distribution map. More...
const labelListListconstructCellLabels () const
 Per received particle the destination cell label. More...
template<class T >
void distributeLagrangianData (List< T > &lst) const
 Distribute list of lagrangian data. More...
void updateMesh (const mapPolyMesh &)
 Correct for topo change. More...

Detailed Description

Mesh-to-mesh mapping information for particles.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ mapDistributeLagrangian()

mapDistributeLagrangian ( const label  nNewParticles,
labelListList &&  subParticleMap,
labelListList &&  constructParticleMap,
labelListList &&  constructCellLabels 

Move construct from components.

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Member Function Documentation

◆ particleMap()

const mapDistribute & particleMap ( ) const

Distribution map.

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◆ constructCellLabels()

const labelListList & constructCellLabels ( ) const

Per received particle the destination cell label.

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◆ distributeLagrangianData()

void distributeLagrangianData ( List< T > &  lst) const

Distribute list of lagrangian data.

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References mapDistribute::distribute().

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◆ updateMesh()

void updateMesh ( const mapPolyMesh )

Correct for topo change.

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