OpenFOAM® solvers ranging from steady-state and transient, turbulence LES-enabled, with incompressible and compressible numerics are specifically sponsored, openly released and finely tuned to deliver the accuracy required by international standards and efficiency required by production engineering.

Applying OpenFOAM to

  • External aerodynamics, alignment with WLTP standards using CFD as a verified comparison to wind-tunnel measurements on baseline and design modification changes. Predictions are demonstrated to be within the required 15-drag counts (CDA=0.015) stated regulation 
  • In-situ correlated wind-tunnel or open-road configurations
  • Optimisation based on the Continuous Adjoint methodology
  • Rotating wheels
  • Reduced Order Modelling (ROM) and Proper Generalised Decomposition (PGD)
  • Electric vehicles in production

Using OpenFOAM features