OpenFOAM Coronavirus response

OpenFOAM Coronavirus response

OpenFOAM simulations around return-to-office safe distancing demonstrate the effect of occupant proximity, ventilation systems and contamination avoidance unique to each office and plant environment.

This example in an enclosed space demonstrates that the ventilation air-curtain can be protective, or disturbed, by an extreme respiratory event.

Protective air-curtains in different air-conditioning scenarios (thanks ESI-Pune)

This is how customised simulations of your office or assembly plant can help you to;

  • design your team’s placement so that social distancing rules are observed
  • aim the air-conditioning ventilation and fan speed to create air curtains and pockets, to protect against aerosol penetration
  • derive rules for local movements and social interaction based on fresh air circulation
  • understand how opening and closing doors affects ventilation and air movement
  • locate, avoid and clean dead spots where aerosol particulates might linger
  • assess open-plan layouts or closed spaces layouts equally easily


[Picture] Assembly line; Open-office, pantry, washroom (thanks, ESI-Pune and ESI-Dresden office teams)

Plan your return-to-work

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Aerosol and respiration

Recent studies, together with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, validated OpenFOAM’s aerosol modelling in a nasal/sinus system. We understand the dependence on differing aerosol droplets sizes and effects on deposition on various parts of the respiratory system by carefully studying the effects of varying particle diameters between 1 and 10microns.


OpenFOAM and Supercomputing

We’re making big strides to migrate OpenFOAM towards exascale computing. Several scenarios of proximity, ventilation and safe practices are possible to assess very quickly. This builds essential insights per unique office or plant. Were continuing to work closely with partners at many Tier-0 Supercomputing Centres in Asia, Europe and North America to ensure peak performance and maximal scalability of OpenFOAM.

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ESI takes its social responsibilities seriously.

Please stay safe, alert and healthy.