profileModel Class Referenceabstract

Base class for profile models for handling aerofoil lift and drag polar diagrams. More...

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Public Member Functions

 TypeName ("profileModel")
 Runtime type information. More...
 declareRunTimeSelectionTable (autoPtr, profileModel, dictionary,(const dictionary &dict, const word &modelName),(dict, modelName))
 profileModel (const dictionary &dict, const word &modelName)
 Constructor. More...
virtual ~profileModel ()=default
 Destructor. More...
const wordname () const
 Return const access to the source name. More...
virtual void Cdl (const scalar alpha, scalar &Cd, scalar &Cl) const =0
 Return the Cd and Cl for a given angle-of-attack. More...

Static Public Member Functions

static autoPtr< profileModelNew (const dictionary &dict)
 Return a reference to the selected fvOption model. More...

Protected Member Functions

bool readFromFile () const
 Return true if file name is set. More...

Protected Attributes

const dictionary dict_
 Coefficients dictionary. More...
const word name_
 Name of profile model. More...
fileName fName_
 File name (optional) More...

Detailed Description

Base class for profile models for handling aerofoil lift and drag polar diagrams.

Minimal example by using constant/fvOptions: rotorDiskSource1 { Mandatory/Optional (inherited) entries ...

Mandatory entries (runtime modifiable) profiles { Mandatory entries (runtime modifiable) <profile1> { type <profileModel>;

Mandatory/Optional (inherited) entries ... } ... <profileN> { ... }

Optional entries (runtime modifiable) file <fileName>; } }

where the entries mean:

Property Description Type Reqd Dflt
type Profile model - see below word yes -
file Name of file containing profile characteristics word no -

Options for the type entry:

      lookup    | Polar data is linearly interpolated based on angle of attack
      series    | Polar data is computed as sum of cosine series
See also
Source files

Definition at line 120 of file profileModel.H.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ profileModel()

profileModel ( const dictionary dict,
const word modelName 


Definition at line 51 of file profileModel.C.

◆ ~profileModel()

virtual ~profileModel ( )


Member Function Documentation

◆ readFromFile()

bool readFromFile ( ) const

Return true if file name is set.

Definition at line 43 of file profileModel.C.

References profileModel::fName_.

◆ TypeName()

TypeName ( "profileModel"  )

Runtime type information.

◆ declareRunTimeSelectionTable()

declareRunTimeSelectionTable ( autoPtr  ,
profileModel  ,
dictionary  ,
(const dictionary &dict, const word &modelName)  ,
(dict, modelName)   

◆ New()

Foam::autoPtr< Foam::profileModel > New ( const dictionary dict)

Return a reference to the selected fvOption model.

Definition at line 68 of file profileModel.C.

References dict, dictionary::dictName(), Foam::endl(), Foam::exit(), Foam::FatalIOError, FatalIOErrorInLookup, dictionary::get(), and Foam::Info.

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◆ name()

const Foam::word & name ( ) const

Return const access to the source name.

Definition at line 61 of file profileModel.C.

Referenced by profileModelList::connectBlades().

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◆ Cdl()

virtual void Cdl ( const scalar  alpha,
scalar &  Cd,
scalar &  Cl 
) const
pure virtual

Return the Cd and Cl for a given angle-of-attack.

Implemented in seriesProfile, and lookupProfile.

Member Data Documentation

◆ dict_

const dictionary dict_

Coefficients dictionary.

Definition at line 127 of file profileModel.H.

◆ name_

const word name_

Name of profile model.

Definition at line 130 of file profileModel.H.

◆ fName_

fileName fName_

File name (optional)

Definition at line 133 of file profileModel.H.

Referenced by profileModel::readFromFile().

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