initContinuityErrs.H File Reference

Declare and initialise the cumulative continuity error. More...

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uniformDimensionedScalarField cumulativeContErrIO (IOobject("cumulativeContErr", runTime.timeName(), "uniform", mesh, IOobject::READ_IF_PRESENT, IOobject::AUTO_WRITE), dimensionedScalar(dimless, Zero))


scalar & cumulativeContErr = cumulativeContErrIO.value()

Detailed Description

Declare and initialise the cumulative continuity error.

Original source file initContinuityErrs.H

Definition in file initContinuityErrs.H.

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uniformDimensionedScalarField cumulativeContErrIO ( IOobject("cumulativeContErr", runTime.timeName(), "uniform", mesh, IOobject::READ_IF_PRESENT, IOobject::AUTO_WRITE)  ,
dimensionedScalar(dimless, Zero)   

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scalar& cumulativeContErr = cumulativeContErrIO.value()

Definition at line 50 of file initContinuityErrs.H.