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namespace  Foam
 Namespace for OpenFOAM.


typedef RectangularMatrix< scalar > scalarRectangularMatrix
typedef SquareMatrix< scalar > scalarSquareMatrix
typedef SymmetricSquareMatrix< scalar > scalarSymmetricSquareMatrix
typedef DiagonalMatrix< scalar > scalarDiagonalMatrix


template<class Type >
void solve (scalarSquareMatrix &matrix, List< Type > &source)
template<class Type >
void solve (List< Type > &psi, const scalarSquareMatrix &matrix, const List< Type > &source)
void LUDecompose (scalarSquareMatrix &matrix, labelList &pivotIndices)
 LU decompose the matrix with pivoting. More...
void LUDecompose (scalarSquareMatrix &matrix, labelList &pivotIndices, label &sign)
void LUDecompose (scalarSymmetricSquareMatrix &matrix)
 LU decompose the matrix into a lower (L) and upper (U) part. U = L.T() More...
template<class Type >
void LUBacksubstitute (const scalarSquareMatrix &luMmatrix, const labelList &pivotIndices, List< Type > &source)
template<class Type >
void LUBacksubstitute (const scalarSymmetricSquareMatrix &luMmatrix, List< Type > &source)
template<class Type >
void LUsolve (scalarSquareMatrix &matrix, List< Type > &source)
template<class Type >
void LUsolve (scalarSymmetricSquareMatrix &matrix, List< Type > &source)
template<class Form , class Type >
void multiply (Matrix< Form, Type > &answer, const Matrix< Form, Type > &A, const Matrix< Form, Type > &B)
void multiply (scalarRectangularMatrix &answer, const scalarRectangularMatrix &A, const scalarRectangularMatrix &B, const scalarRectangularMatrix &C)
void multiply (scalarRectangularMatrix &answer, const scalarRectangularMatrix &A, const DiagonalMatrix< scalar > &B, const scalarRectangularMatrix &C)
void multiply (scalarSquareMatrix &answer, const scalarSquareMatrix &A, const DiagonalMatrix< scalar > &B, const scalarSquareMatrix &C)
scalarRectangularMatrix SVDinv (const scalarRectangularMatrix &A, scalar minCondition=0)
 Return the inverse of matrix A using SVD. More...

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