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namespace  Foam
 Namespace for OpenFOAM.
namespace  Foam::exprTools
 Helper methods for creating expressions.


#define defineExpressionEntryType(Type)


 addNamedToRunTimeSelectionTable (expressionEntry, vectorEntry, empty, vector)
 addNamedToRunTimeSelectionTable (expressionEntry, tensorEntry, empty, tensor)
 addNamedToRunTimeSelectionTable (expressionEntry, symmTensorEntry, empty, symmTensor)
 addNamedToRunTimeSelectionTable (expressionEntry, sphericalTensorEntry, empty, sphericalTensor)

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Definition in file expressionEntryVectors.C.

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◆ defineExpressionEntryType

#define defineExpressionEntryType (   Type)
Foam::string Foam::exprTools::Type##Entry::evaluate(const entry& e) \
{ \
return toExprStr<Type>(; \
A class for handling character strings derived from std::string.
Definition: string.H:79
volScalarField & e
Definition: createFields.H:11

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