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Info<< "Creating field kinetic energy K\n"<< endl;volScalarField K("K", 0.5 *magSqr(U));if(U.nOldTimes()){ volVectorField *Uold=&U.oldTime();volScalarField *Kold=&K.oldTime();*Kold==0.5 *magSqr(*Uold);while(Uold->nOldTimes()) { Uold=&Uold-> oldTime ()


 Kold = &Kold->oldTime()

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◆ oldTime()

rhoCp oldTime ( )

Referenced by limitedSnGrad< Type >::correction(), backwardDdtScheme< Type >::meshPhi(), variablesSet::nullifyField(), MomentumTransferPhaseSystem< BasePhaseSystem >::phiFfs(), Time::setControls(), plenumPressureFvPatchScalarField::updateCoeffs(), and while().

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◆ Kold

* Kold = &Kold->oldTime()

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