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IOobject dpdtHeader ("dpdt", runTime.timeName(), mesh, IOobject::NO_READ, IOobject::NO_WRITE)
 if (mesh.dynamic())
volScalarField dpdt (dpdtHeader, fvc::ddt(p))
 if (!thermo.dpdt())



Function Documentation

◆ dpdtHeader()

IOobject dpdtHeader ( "dpdt"  ,
runTime.  timeName(),
mesh  ,
IOobject::NO_READ  ,

Referenced by if().

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if ( mesh.  dynamic())

Definition at line 10 of file createDpdt.H.

References dpdtHeader().

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volScalarField dpdt ( dpdtHeader  ,

◆ if() [2/2]

if ( !thermo.  dpdt())

Definition at line 28 of file createDpdt.H.

References dpdt.

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◆ else

Initial value:
Info<< "Creating field dpdt\n" << endl

Definition at line 21 of file createDpdt.H.