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1BasicChemistryModel<psiReactionThermo>& chemistry = pChemistry();
2scalar dtChem = refCast<const BasicChemistryModel<psiReactionThermo>>
6basicSpecieMixture& composition = thermo.composition();
7PtrList<volScalarField>& Y = composition.Y();
8volScalarField& p = thermo.p();
Basic thermodynamics type based on the use of fitting functions for cp, h, s obtained from the templa...
scalar dtChem
basicSpecieMixture & composition
volScalarField & p
BasicChemistryModel< psiReactionThermo > & chemistry
PtrList< volScalarField > & Y
autoPtr< BasicChemistryModel< psiReactionThermo > > pChemistry(BasicChemistryModel< psiReactionThermo >::New(thermo))