areaFieldsFwd.H File Reference

Forwards and collection of common area field types. More...

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namespace  Foam
 Namespace for OpenFOAM.
namespace  Foam::fieldTypes
 Collection of common field types.


template<class Type >
using AreaField = GeometricField< Type, faPatchField, areaMesh >
 An area field for a given type. More...
template<class Type >
using AreaBoundaryField = GeometricBoundaryField< Type, faPatchField, areaMesh >
 An area boundary field for a given Type. More...
template<class Type >
using AreaInternalField = DimensionedField< Type, areaMesh >
 An area internal field for a given type. More...
typedef GeometricField< scalar, faPatchField, areaMesh > areaScalarField
typedef GeometricField< vector, faPatchField, areaMesh > areaVectorField
typedef GeometricField< sphericalTensor, faPatchField, areaMesh > areaSphericalTensorField
typedef GeometricField< symmTensor, faPatchField, areaMesh > areaSymmTensorField
typedef GeometricField< tensor, faPatchField, areaMesh > areaTensorField


const wordList area
 Standard area field types (scalar, vector, tensor, etc) More...

Detailed Description

Forwards and collection of common area field types.

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