OpenFOAM Workshop 2023: Tips and Tricks


New functionality is added to each six-monthly release of OpenFOAM. Although new features are well documented in the release notes, we offer here a focus on specific tips and tricks to enable you to apply them effectively to your workflows, with a Q&A section at the end.

This seminar offers the opportunity to become more familiar with a set of cherry-picked features that every user of OpenFOAM should know. We start with the mesh generation process and discuss our latest snappyHexMesh developments, with an emphasis on inflation layer improvements and other recent enhancements.

We will discuss the new expression syntax which can be used to create flexible setups without the need to resort to code-like customisations based on the #code directives.

AMI sliding interface has received multiple improvements in recent releases that help address the conservativeness of the solution and reduce spurious signals generated on rotating mesh applications.

Participants will receive printed material and links to example cases showing the use of the new options.

The seminar is delivered by ESI-OpenCFD, the developer of OpenFOAM via The price of the seminar is not covered by the OpenFOAM workshop fee.

The seminar will be delivered by Matej Forman, a trainer of OpenFOAM with 10 years of experience delivering courses and even more using OpenFOAM.

The lecture will not include a hands-on component, but participants are invited to bring their questions and problems for discussion.


Content of the seminar


  • Inflation layers new layer specification.
  • Workflow for generation of 10 and more layers.
  • Gap identification improvements.

Expression language for:

  • Boundary conditions,
  • initial conditions,
  • function1 entries.

Arbitrary Mesh Interface developments

  • Implicit mapping
  • Conservative formulation.

Overview of new features in 2022 and 2023

  • New features in the latest 2 releases