External aerodynamics with AIAA

OpenCFD is proud to present OpenFOAM training as part of the AIAA course offering.

The training takes place on 24-25 May 2022. The training is fully online and in US time zone. Register here.


This course introduces some advanced topics of the open-source CFD toolbox, OpenFOAM. It concentrates on the topics important for external aerodynamics computations. Among others are especially advanced meshing techniques for quality near-wall prismatic mesh layers, turbulence modelling and wall functions, DES and LES modelling, drag and lift prediction and post-processing, near-wall post-processing, blended discretization, and other numerical stabilization.

An experienced trainer from OpenCFD – the company delivering the official distribution of OpenFOAM every 6 months - will be presenting practical training based on the latest release. Training is based on a mixture of lectures and hands-on exploring simple applications run on a cloud computer.

Topics covered

  • Geometry preparation for meshing
  • Meshing with snappyHexMesh - advanced chapters
  • Near-wall layer building in snappyHexMesh
  • Mesh quality visualisation
  • Turbulence models: RANS, LES, DES, DDES
  • Field initialization and boundary conditions for incompressible and compressible flows
  • Best practice for selecting models and setting parameters
  • Set up on-the-fly post-processing to calculate drag and lift coefficients
  • Solution monitoring and control
  • Running in parallel; steady state and transient
  • Flow field interrogation
  • Cp, total pressure and Cp total calculation
  • Drag development plot along the geometry
  • Iso-surface of total pressure zero
  • Creating animations for transient simulation

To register to this course, you should have already some experience with OpenFOAM. We will explore advanced topics and not explaining basics of OpenFOAM setup.

Register here.