Dynamic Meshes with AIAA

OpenCFD is proud to present OpenFOAM training as part of the AIAA course offering.

The training takes place on 8 June 2022. The training is fully online and in US time zone. Register here.

The training provides examples of process and best practice, which are useful to existing OpenFOAM users wishing to broaden their application knowledge of OpenFOAM towards using overset meshing as an alternative to mesh morphing or sliding interfaces. All features demonstrated in this course are part of the Official release of OpenFOAM.

This course covers dynamic mesh capabilities of OpenFOAM. Covering simulations of rotating and translating bodies, 6DoF and adaptive mesh refinement. We will cover simple as well as more complicated multibody setups. Best practices and post-processing available in OpenFOAM will be discussed over representative examples.

Topics covered

  • Possible dynamic-mesh setups in OpenFOAM
  • Meshing for overset
  • basics of background and foreground mesh generation, and assembly
  • interpolation controls, solver settings
  • Basic tutorials for various mesh-motion configurations
  • static aerofoil at several angle of attacks
  • transient cylinder shedding
  • 6DoF floating body
  • Limitations, e.g. object collisions
  • Application examples
  • Post-processing
  • Running in parallel


  • Applied deflections in interaction pressure zones (FSI, 6DoF)
  • Tips, Tricks and Best practises