OpenFOAM® Services

OpenFOAM®  Services

OpenCFD provides full commercial support for OpenFOAM® , including software support and contracted developments to large engineering corporations, consultants and academic institutions. We provide quick solutions for clients with demanding deadlines on projects and have developed long-term collaborative relationships with many of our clients, providing a range of services from general support, development and training.

OpenFOAM Software Support

OpenCFD offers a 1 year package of support, CFD assistance and code customisation for its software, limited to a maximum number of hours per year. Assistance is provided by email and we respond quickly to customers’ requests. More...

OpenFOAM Code Development

OpenCFD undertake development projects for OpenFOAM. Projects can range in size, from adding a single small new feature, to writing entire applications or libraries, or migrating the contents of an outdated in-house software package to the OpenFOAM environment. More...

OpenFOAM Training

We offer a variety of training opportunities to meet all of your training goals. More...

OpenFOAM Engineering Services

OpenCFD and ESI’s worldwide OpenFOAM team provide consulting services for OpenFOAM. Services include stand-alone case studies, process integration and automation, application/delivery of our best practices, on-site training/hand holding and on-site expert-engineer placements. More...

Software Team

All support is delivered by developers of OpenFOAM. The benefits of receiving support from producers of the software are:

  • Customer receives informed support by people who are fully aware of all current and forthcoming features in the code.
  • Support is backed up by years of experience in CFD with OpenFOAM.
  • Developments are made in line with the entire development of OpenFOAM, and can be included in the OpenFOAM distribution if the customer wishes.
  • Developments are made by people with a proven background in programming OpenFOAM.