OpenCFD Release OpenFOAM® v1606+

OpenCFD Release OpenFOAM®  v1606+


OpenCFD is pleased to announce the June 2016 release of OpenFOAM® v1606+.

The numbering of OpenFOAM+ releases has been updated to align with the conventions set by the ISO-8601 standard, ordered by the year and month of release. OpenFOAM-v1606+indicates 2016-June.

This release extends OpenFOAM-v3.0+ features across many areas of the code.

OpenFOAM+ uses the OpenFOAM Foundation version as a common code base, and offers wider functionality and platform support. Its purpose is to accelerate the public availability of new features which are sponsored by OpenCFD’s customers and contributed by the OpenFOAM community

OpenFOAM+ is distributed by OpenCFD under the GPL license as:

Please refer to the download instructions to obtain the code.

The development repositories are also publicly available. These repositories are regularly updated with bug fixes and new functionality.


  • New snappyHexMesh (un)refinement functionality more...
  • Improved behaviour of locations in mesh more...
  • Improved support for layer generation on complex face zones more...
  • Improved automatic gap refinement to pick up additional features more...

Boundary Conditions

  • New inflow turbulence generator for LES/DES turbulent flows more...
  • New flow direction changer more...
  • Updated radiation boundary behaviour more...

Solvers and Physical Models

  • New multiphase VOF condensation solver more...
  • New multiphase VOF solver with particles more...
  • New acoustic damping functionality more...


  • New noise analysis functionality more...
  • New reaction sensitivity analysis function object more...
  • New profiling functionality more...
  • New field mapping function object more...
  • New surface input and output more...



  • New global file handling more...
  • New dictionary change tracking more...


Notable bug-fixes

  • Coupled point synchronisation: corrected for points that are present on multiple coupled patches commit
  • Arbitrarily Coupled Mesh Interface (ACMI): improved mass conservation, supported by checkMesh merge #46
  • Apply boundary layer: corrected processor patch values issue #69

Includes all Foundation code changes to commit level 449a9ec 21-04-2016

About us

OpenFOAM+ is produced by the core ESI-OpenCFD team

  • Andrew Heather
  • Mattijs Janssens
  • Sergio Ferraris
  • Prashant Sonakar
  • Pawan Ghildiyal
  • Roger Almenar
  • Matej Forman
  • Mark Olesen
  • Sebastien Vilfayeau
  • Laura Robinson
  • Fred Mendonca

With wider support from the global ESI team

  • ESI Group (GmbH)
  • ESI Group (Pacific Mindware Engineering Pvt Ltd)
  • ESI Group (North America)
  • ESI Group (Nihon ESI)

And contributions from

  • Bernhardt Gschaider
  • Ruggero Polletto
  • Mr. Y. Inoue (RIST)

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