OpenCFD Release OpenFOAM® 1.5

OpenCFD Release OpenFOAM®  1.5

OpenCFD are pleased to announce a major, new release of version 1.5 of their OpenFOAM open source CFD toolbox. Version 1.5 contains:

Numerous new and demonstration applications for multiphase flow and cavitation, buoyancy-flow and heat transfer, high speed flows and even molecular dynamics, accompanied by a range of new example cases.
Automatic mesh generator
A new meshing utility that generates split-hex meshes automatically from surface geometry. It includes insertion of cell layers, flexible mesh refinement, robust surface handling and runs in parallel with load balancing.
Developments to utilities for mesh extrusion, mesh splitting, coupled patch handling, mesh conversion, handling of multiple particle clouds, case initialisation and post-processing.
Several new additions to model libraries including radiation modelling, rotating frame of reference, Lagrangian particle tracking, molecular dynamics and a mesh motion solver for flexible mesh scaling.
General use
Improvements for simpler setup, running and post-processing of OpenFOAM cases, including new command line execution and argument features, dictionary directives and macro substitution and improvements to parallel scaling on larger number of processors.