Visual-CFD for OpenFOAM®

Visual-CFD for OpenFOAM®

Visual-CFD is an advanced user interface for OPENFOAM® for engineering analysis of enterprise applications. It is part of ESI’s multi-domain simulation platform, Visual-Environment, which supports different trades such as Crash, Casting, Welding and many more. Visual-CFD can be complemented by pre- and post-processing modules for CAD manipulation and results interpretation respectively, making Visual-CFD a valuable tool for both OpenFOAM beginners as well as experienced users.

Visual-CFD GUI


The modular design allows users to select the components that are required for their workflows, making Visual-CFD a cost-effective solution.

  • CAD preparation and traditional meshing
  • snappyHexMesh and OpenFOAM case setup
  • Results visualization
  • Automated workflow


Supported Applications

Visual-CFD is being used for multiple industries and applications such as Automotive, Air-conditioning and Ventilation, Chemical, Industrial Cooling, Turbomachinery/Pumps and Aerospace industry. More details of the supported applications are shown below.

Why Visual-CFD?

Visual-CFD is the perfect choice for:

  • New OpenFOAM users - feature rich interface in an easy-to-use Environment
  • Robust treatment of ’dirty’ CAD - seamless import and clean-up of any CAD geometry
  • Expert OpenFOAM users as it has capability of solving customized OpenFOAM BC/Solver cases.
  • Along with third party meshes, users can work with meshes generated with CAD Preparation and Traditional Meshing module
  • Parametric studies - available using macros
  • Extreme flexibility to create customised automated workflows for any application

CAD Preparation and Traditional Meshing: Visual-Mesh

Users have the flexibility to import any format of CAD data and perform geometry simplification. The simplified model can be used by snappyHexMesh and OpenFOAM case setup within the CFD module. Optionally, with the Mesh module, users can perform traditional meshing (Tetra, Prism and Hex) of the simplified model and export the result in OpenFOAM format for further problem setup.

Mesh and Case Setup: Visual-CFD

With the Visual-CFD module users can mesh with snappyHexMesh and setup their OpenFOAM case. It supports a variety of solvers and physics including cold flow, heat transfer, radiation, multiphase, particle methods, passive scalar transport etc. Visual-CFD offers a top-down approach to provide users with a straightforward experience.

Post-processing: Visual-Viewer

Visual-Viewer is a post-processing module that enables easy and fast graphical interpretation of results with very useful features such as animation control, section cut tool, iso-surfaces, particle traces, vector plots, video reading and aligning with simulations, synchronized simulation and plot windows. It boosts the productivity of CAE engineers, thanks to automated tasks and customized reports.

Automated workflow

With the Visual-Environment platform, workflows can be easily automated to reduce the user requirements and promote consistency across repeatable tasks.

Process automation

To take advantage of a free trial licence of Visual-CFD please contact us. We also provide regular Visual-CFD training opportunities.