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ESI offers a bundled package that combines the power of Visual-Environment and OpenFOAM, which enables user to apply best practices made available based on the all experience and knowledge of ESI’s teams. Visual-Environment for OpenFOAM can be applied as general-purpose simulation software and provides engineering solutions at enterprise level.

Visual-Environment is ESI’s multi-domain simulation platform supporting solutions related to crash, casting, welding and many more. Like with other trades, CFD problems can be easily solved using Visual-Environment, which calls OpenFOAM in background for meshing and solution. Users can apply Visual-Mesh module for Geometry Preparation, Visual-CFD module for Mesh and Case setup for OpenFOAM, Visual-Viewer module for post-processing of results. 

With Visual-Environment for OpenFOAM, you will be able to use OpenFOAM in its fullest capacity, with unlimited number of cores and cases, while simultaneously preparing the CAD, setting up your case, post-processing the results, and creating your own automated workflows with Visual-Environment.  

Benefits of Visual-Environment for OpenFOAM

  • Perfect choice for OpenFOAM users with feature rich interface in an easy-to-use Environment
  • Unlimited number of jobs at unlimited number of processors 
  • Capability to solve also with customized OpenFOAM BC/Solver cases 
  • Seamless import, clean-up of geometry and dedicated module for postprocessing
  • Macros recording capability for repetitive simulations
  • Extreme flexibility to create the customised automated process for any application

Supported Applications

Visual-Environment for OpenFOAM is being used for multiple industries and applications such as aerodynamics, air-conditioning and ventilation, chemical, industrial cooling, turbomachinery/pumps, multiphase, lagrangian particle simulations 

Turbulent Flow

Possibility to model flow turbulence with RANS, LES and DES


Heat transfer between solid and fluid domains


Solving two or more than two phases with VOF or Eulerian solver


Multi-species reacting flow with different combustion models


Supporting solar load and different radiation models


Easy setup for complex motion and moving parts

Discrete Phase

Solid particles tracking in continuous fluid phase through MPPIC approach

Moving body

Prescribed motion or 6DOF modelling

Different Modules

ESI’s open source based solution is a unified, off-the-shelf CFD software product compatible with most of the Linux flavours and Windows platform. It is available with extremely flexible options to pick up different modules as per user’s need, which makes ESI’s offering dynamic yet cost-effective. Various available modules are: 


Geometry Preparation: Visual-Mesh

Visual-Mesh, with CAD preparation module user have the flexibility to import CAD data, in any format, and do the geometry simplification. This simplified model can immediately be used for snappyHexMesh and OpenFOAM case setup with CFD module. If required with the Mesh module, user can do traditional meshing (Tetra, Prism and Hex) of the simplified model, which can later be exported into OpenFOAM format for further case setup. 

SnappyHexMesh & OpenFOAM Setup: Visual-CFD

With the CFD module, user can do meshing with snappyHexMesh and problem setup with OpenFOAM. It supports a variety of solvers and physics such as cold flow, heat transfer, radiation, multiphase, DPM, passive scalar, reacting and non-reacting flow etc. The Visual-CFD follows a top to bottom workflow approach, making it easy to use.  



Post-Processing: Visual-Viewer

Visual-Viewer is a post-processing module, which enables fast and easy graphical interpretation of results with features such as animation control, section cut tool, iso-surfaces, particle traces, vector plots, video reading and aligning with simulations, synchronized simulation and plot windows. Viewer boosts CAE engineers’ productivity thanks to automated tasks and customized and automatic report preparation. 

Process Automation: Visual-Process Executive

With Visual platform, problems/ workflows can be automated, which provides an edge to users when they do not want to go through the same complex set-up every time or when they are dealing with multiple disciplines without extensive knowledge of them all. Such processes improve productivity and provide consistency in the output by avoiding any user error due to minimal user input. 


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