OpenFOAM® Steering Committee

OpenFOAM®  Steering Committee


The Steering Committee comprises representatives from OpenFOAM’s main sponsors in Industry, Academia, Release Authorities and Consultant Organisations. Membership requires a declared alignment to the Offical OpenFOAM release and the project’s core objectives.

Role of the Steering Committee

The Steering Committee meets every six months with the mandate to:

  • Appoint Technical Chairs
  • Assess and sanction projects recommended
  • Initiate new areas for Technical Assessment
  • Assess and conclude Technical Committees
  • Nurture involvement of OpenFOAM Community
  • Sanction fund-raising to support developments

Members include:

Fred Mendonca OpenCFD Ltd. [Picture]
Karen Kettle OpenCFD Ltd. [Picture]
OEMs and Support Consultants
Dr Marcus Renner Volkswagen [Picture]
Paul Eno General Motors [Picture]
Dr Yi Wang FM Global [Picture]
Dr Rob Lewis OBE TotalSim [Picture]
Representing Research with OpenFOAM
Dr.-Ing. Holger Marschall Technische Universitaet Darmstadt [Picture]
Representing interests of Release Authorities
Mike Salari OpenCFD Ltd. [Picture]
Prof. Hrvoje Jasak Wikki Ltd. [Picture]
Christopher St John ESI Group [Picture]
Release and Maintenance
Dr Andrew Heather OpenCFD Ltd. [Picture]