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IOdictionary propsDict (IOobject("particleTrackProperties", runTime.constant(), mesh, IOobject::MUST_READ_IF_MODIFIED))
const word cloudName (propsDict.get< word >("cloud"))
const label sampleFrequency (propsDict.get< label >("sampleFrequency"))
const label maxPositions (propsDict.get< label >("maxPositions"))
const label maxTracks (propsDict.getOrDefault< label >("maxTracks", -1))
const word setFormat (propsDict.getOrDefault< word >("setFormat", "vtk"))
const wordRes fieldNames (propsDict.getOrDefault< wordRes >("fields", wordRes()))
const word UName (propsDict.getOrDefault< word >("U", "U"))


const dictionary formatOptions = propsDict.subOrEmptyDict("formatOptions")

Function Documentation

◆ propsDict()

IOdictionary propsDict ( IOobject("particleTrackProperties", runTime.constant(), mesh, IOobject::MUST_READ_IF_MODIFIED)  )

◆ cloudName()

◆ sampleFrequency()

const label sampleFrequency ( propsDict.get< label >  "sampleFrequency")

◆ maxPositions()

const label maxPositions ( propsDict.get< label >  "maxPositions")

◆ maxTracks()

const label maxTracks ( propsDict.getOrDefault< label >  "maxTracks", -1)

◆ setFormat()

const word setFormat ( propsDict.getOrDefault< word >  "setFormat", "vtk")

◆ fieldNames()

◆ UName()

const word UName ( propsDict.getOrDefault< word >  "U", "U")

Referenced by dynamicRefineFvMesh::mapFields(), and dynamicRefineFvMesh::unrefine().

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◆ formatOptions

const dictionary formatOptions = propsDict.subOrEmptyDict("formatOptions")