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fvSolution solutionDict (runTime)


const dictionary & pimple = solutionDict.subDict("PIMPLE")
const int nOuterCorr

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◆ solutionDict()

fvSolution solutionDict ( runTime  )

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◆ pimple

const dictionary& pimple = solutionDict.subDict("PIMPLE")

Definition at line 5 of file readPIMPLEControls.H.

◆ nOuterCorr

const int nOuterCorr
Initial value:
pimple.getOrDefault<int>("nOuterCorrectors", 1)

Definition at line 7 of file readPIMPLEControls.H.

Referenced by for().

const dictionary & pimple
Definition: readPIMPLEControls.H:5