interrogateWallPatches.H File Reference

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label faceId (-1)
label patchId (-1)
label nWallFaces (0)
vector wallNormal (Zero)
 forAll (patches, patchi)
 if (nWallFaces==0)
scalarField y (wallNormal &(mesh.C().primitiveField() - mesh.C().boundaryField()[patchId][faceId]))


const fvPatchList & patches = mesh.boundary()
label cellId = patches[patchId].faceCells()[faceId]

Function Documentation

◆ faceId()

label faceId ( 1)

◆ patchId()

label patchId ( 1)

Referenced by patchMeshWriter::beginPiece(), ensightMesh::correct(), polyBoundaryMesh::findPatchID(), for(), forAll(), if(), faBoundaryMesh::indices(), polyBoundaryMesh::indices(), processorFvPatchField< Type >::initInterfaceMatrixUpdate(), calculatedProcessorFvPatchField< Type >::initInterfaceMatrixUpdate(), SurfaceFilmModel< Foam::KinematicCloud< Cloud< basicKinematicCollidingParcel > > >::inject(), triSurfaceLoader::load(), structuredRenumber::renumber(), sampledPatchInternalField::sampleOnPoints(), cyclicAMIGAMGInterfaceField::updateInterfaceMatrix(), cyclicACMIGAMGInterfaceField::updateInterfaceMatrix(), jumpCyclicFvPatchField< vector >::updateInterfaceMatrix(), jumpCyclicAMIFvPatchField< scalar >::updateInterfaceMatrix(), cyclicGAMGInterfaceField::updateInterfaceMatrix(), calculatedProcessorGAMGInterfaceField::updateInterfaceMatrix(), processorGAMGInterfaceField::updateInterfaceMatrix(), cyclicFvPatchField< vector >::updateInterfaceMatrix(), cyclicAMIFvPatchField< scalar >::updateInterfaceMatrix(), cyclicACMIFvPatchField< Type >::updateInterfaceMatrix(), processorFvPatchField< Type >::updateInterfaceMatrix(), patchWriter::write(), vtkWrite::write(), patchMeshWriter::writeNeighIDs(), patchMeshWriter::writePatchIDs(), Foam::ensightOutput::writePointField(), patchMeshWriter::writePoints(), patchMeshWriter::writePolys(), patchMeshWriter::writePolysLegacy(), and Foam::ensightOutput::writeVolField().

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◆ nWallFaces()

label nWallFaces ( )

Referenced by forAll().

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◆ wallNormal()

vector wallNormal ( Zero  )

Referenced by forAll().

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◆ forAll()

forAll ( patches  ,

Check that wall faces are parallel

Definition at line 10 of file interrogateWallPatches.H.

References Foam::exit(), faceId(), Foam::FatalError, FatalErrorInFunction, Foam::mag(), Foam::nl, nWallFaces(), patches, patchId(), and wallNormal().

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◆ if()

if ( nWallFaces  = = 0)

Definition at line 55 of file interrogateWallPatches.H.

References Foam::exit(), Foam::FatalError, and FatalErrorInFunction.

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◆ y()

scalarField y ( wallNormal mesh.C().primitiveField() - mesh.C().boundaryField()[patchId][faceId])

Variable Documentation

◆ patches

const fvPatchList& patches = mesh.boundary()

Definition at line 8 of file interrogateWallPatches.H.

Referenced by forAll().

◆ else

Initial value:
Info<< "Generating wall data for patch: " << patches[patchId].name()
<< endl

Definition at line 61 of file interrogateWallPatches.H.

◆ cellId

const fvPatchList & patches
Definition: interrogateWallPatches.H:8
Ostream & endl(Ostream &os)
Add newline and flush stream.
Definition: Ostream.H:369
messageStream Info
Information stream (stdout output on master, null elsewhere)
label patchId(-1)