fieldTypes.H File Reference

Header files for all the primitive types that Fields are instantiated for. More...

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 Namespace for OpenFOAM.
 Collection of common field types.


#define CAPITALIZE_scalar   Scalar
#define CAPITALIZE_vector   Vector
#define CAPITALIZE_sphericalTensor   SphericalTensor
#define CAPITALIZE_symmTensor   SymmTensor
#define CAPITALIZE_tensor   Tensor
#define FOR_ALL_FIELD_TYPES(Macro, ...)


const wordList basic
 Standard basic field types (label, scalar, vector, tensor, etc) More...

Detailed Description

Header files for all the primitive types that Fields are instantiated for.

Original source file fieldTypes.H

Definition in file fieldTypes.H.

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#define CAPITALIZE_scalar   Scalar

Definition at line 46 of file fieldTypes.H.


#define CAPITALIZE_vector   Vector

Definition at line 47 of file fieldTypes.H.

◆ CAPITALIZE_sphericalTensor

#define CAPITALIZE_sphericalTensor   SphericalTensor

Definition at line 48 of file fieldTypes.H.

◆ CAPITALIZE_symmTensor

#define CAPITALIZE_symmTensor   SymmTensor

Definition at line 49 of file fieldTypes.H.


#define CAPITALIZE_tensor   Tensor

Definition at line 50 of file fieldTypes.H.


#define FOR_ALL_FIELD_TYPES (   Macro,
Macro(scalar, __VA_ARGS__) \
Macro(vector, __VA_ARGS__) \
Macro(sphericalTensor, __VA_ARGS__) \
Macro(symmTensor, __VA_ARGS__) \
Macro(tensor, __VA_ARGS__)

Definition at line 52 of file fieldTypes.H.

SphericalTensor< scalar > sphericalTensor
SphericalTensor of scalars, i.e. SphericalTensor<scalar>.
Definition: sphericalTensor.H:54
SymmTensor< scalar > symmTensor
SymmTensor of scalars, i.e. SymmTensor<scalar>.
Definition: symmTensor.H:59
Vector< scalar > vector
A scalar version of the templated Vector.
Definition: vector.H:51
Tensor< scalar > tensor
Tensor of scalars, i.e. Tensor<scalar>.
Definition: symmTensor.H:61