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autoPtr< radiation::radiationModel > radiation (radiation::radiationModel::New(T))
dimensionedScalar rhoCpRef ("rhoCpRef", dimDensity *dimEnergy/dimMass/dimTemperature, 1.0)
 if (radiation->radiation())

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◆ radiation()

autoPtr<radiation::radiationModel> radiation ( radiation::radiationModel::New(T )

◆ rhoCpRef()

dimensionedScalar rhoCpRef ( "rhoCpRef"  ,
dimDensity *dimEnergy/dimMass/  dimTemperature,
1.  0 

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◆ if()

if ( radiation->  radiation())

Definition at line 13 of file createIncompressibleRadiationModel.H.

References Foam::dimDensity, Foam::dimSpecificHeatCapacity, rhoCpRef(), runTime, and transportProperties().

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