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 Namespace for OpenFOAM.


#define TEMPLATE


typedef Field< complex > complexField
 Specialisation of Field<T> for complex. More...


void zip (complexField &result, const UList< scalar > &re, const UList< scalar > &im)
 Zip together complex field from components. More...
void unzip (const UList< complex > &input, scalarField &re, scalarField &im)
 Unzip complex field into components. More...
complexField ComplexField (const UList< scalar > &re, const UList< scalar > &im)
 Zip up two lists of values into a list of complex. More...
complexField ReComplexField (const UList< scalar > &re)
 Create complex field from a list of real (using imag == 0) More...
complexField ImComplexField (const UList< scalar > &im)
 Create complex field from a list of imag (using real == 0) More...
scalarField Re (const UList< complex > &cf)
 Extract real component. More...
scalarField Im (const UList< complex > &cf)
 Extract imag component. More...
scalarField ReImSum (const UList< complex > &cf)
 Sum real and imag components. More...
complex sumProd (const UList< complex > &f1, const UList< complex > &f2)
 Sum product. More...

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#define TEMPLATE

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