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runTime controlDict ().readEntry("adjustTimeStep"


runTime adjustTimeStep
runTime maxDeltaT

Function Documentation

◆ controlDict()

runTime controlDict ( )

The central control dictionary, the contents of which are either taken directly from the FOAM_CONTROLDICT environment variable, or generated by merging the contents of user/group/other files.

  • ~/.OpenFOAM/{PROJECT_API}/controlDict
  • ~/.OpenFOAM/controlDict
  • $WM_PROJECT_SITE/{PROJECT_API}/etc/controlDict
  • $WM_PROJECT_SITE/etc/controlDict
  • $WM_PROJECT_DIR/etc/controlDict

Where {PROJECT_API} corresponds to the foamVersion::api value.

See also

Definition at line 143 of file debug.C.

References Foam::findEtcFiles(), forAllReverse, Foam::getEnv(), and SafeFatalIOErrorInFunction.

Referenced by argList::displayDoc(), Foam::listSwitches(), MGridGenGAMGAgglomeration::MGridGenGAMGAgglomeration(), GAMGProcAgglomeration::New(), functionObjectList::New(), GAMGAgglomeration::New(), Time::setMonitoring(), and Foam::debug::switchSet().

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Variable Documentation

◆ adjustTimeStep

runTime adjustTimeStep

Definition at line 1 of file readControls.H.

◆ maxDeltaT

runTime maxDeltaT

Definition at line 3 of file readControls.H.