SubList< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for SubList< T >, including all inherited members.

null()SubList< T >inlinestatic
operator const Foam::List< T > &() constSubList< T >inline
operator=(const SubList< T > &list)SubList< T >inline
operator=(const UList< T > &list)SubList< T >inline
operator=(const IndirectListBase< T, Addr > &list)SubList< T >inline
operator=(const T &val)SubList< T >inline
operator=(const Foam::zero)SubList< T >inline
SubList() noexcept=defaultSubList< T >
SubList(const SubList &) noexcept=defaultSubList< T >
SubList(const UList< T > &list)SubList< T >inlineexplicit
SubList(const FixedList< T, N > &list)SubList< T >inlineexplicit
SubList(const UList< T > &list, const label subSize)SubList< T >inline
SubList(const UList< T > &list, const label subSize, const label startIndex)SubList< T >inline
SubList(const UList< T > &list, const labelRange &range)SubList< T >inline
SubList(const labelRange &range, const UList< T > &list)SubList< T >inline