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class  Istream
 An Istream is an abstract base class for all input systems (streams, files, token lists etc). The basic operations are construct, close, read token, read primitive and read binary block. More...


 Namespace for OpenFOAM.
 Implementation details for various OpenFOAM classes.


typedef Istream &(* IstreamManip) (Istream &)
 An Istream manipulator. More...


Istream & operator>> (Istream &is, IstreamManip f)
 operator>> handling for manipulators without arguments More...
Istream & operator>> (Istream &is, IOstreamManip f)
 operator>> handling for manipulators without arguments More...
template<class T >
void readContiguous (Istream &is, char *data, std::streamsize byteCount)
 Read binary block of contiguous data, possibly with conversion. More...

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