Surface mounted cube


Case description


Boundary conditions

A precursor boundaryFoam calculation is used to set the inlet flow conditions onto which turbulent content is superimposed using the turbulentDFSEMInlet velocity condition.

Common fields

  • \( U \) 1 m/s
  • \( h \) 1 m
  • \( \nu \) 2.5e-5 m2/s

Velocity: U

Patch condition value
Inlet turbulentDFSEMInlet
Outlet zeroGradient
Walls noSlip

Pressure: p

Patch condition value
Inlet zeroGradient
Outlet fixedValue 0 Pa (static)
Walls zeroGradient

Turbulence fields

Turbulence viscosity: nut

Patch condition value
Inlet calculated
Outlet calculated
Walls nutUSpaldingWallFunction


Modified viscosity: nuTilda

Patch condition value
Inlet mappedFixedValue
Outlet zeroGradient
Walls zeroGradient


The following images show examples of the instantaneous- and mean-velocity predictions

Profiles at a series of x/h positions are presented in the following images, where the predictions are compared against the experimental data of Martinuzzi and Tropea [49]

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